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No takeover, bailout. TDTF! (Too delicious to fail)

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That picture needs to be made into an animated .GIF with Alice the maid from Brady Bunch in the center of it looking up, down, and all around.

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Janine Turner

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(e) so wasted he didn't know where the hell he was, how he got there, or what he was doing.

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[No snark] This made my day, thanks.

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Where did his Nordic jowls go? Oh yes, Leonardoshopped.

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+1 for the Bocce's (or Milano's - kind of the same thing), but I'd bet the official Buffalo beer has long been some variety of Labatt's or Molson.

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That guy in the front is like the Baryshnikov of goosestepping.

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Ya, I'll make sure to do that after I borrow $20,000 from my parents for the project. Thanks for the tip!

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Man. There's a certain level of contempt inherent behind something this logically absurd - contempt, that is, by the makers of such a billboard for their own audience and how naive and incapable of critical thought that audience is. I used to have doubts, but now I'm sure they laugh and laugh at their idiotic constituency behind closed doors.

I never thought America would get worse than the 80s, but the new millennium has been such a festival of shit culture that I'm now fearful of the next few decades and what kind of crazy and even more stupid they can possibly bring.