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As Deng pointed out, what does it matter if a cat is black or white so long as it catches the rat. Twenty years ago, on a holiday with my family in Desaru, I ran into a group of Malays. We exchanged pleasantries and asked them which part of Malaysia ( kampong ) they are from. They quickly pointed out that they are Singapore Malays and not from Malaysia. Bottom line, they seem not proud to be associated as Malaysian Malays.

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That was the greatest mistake the Chinese emperor made. Admiral Cheng He's naval fleet was the strongest in the world at the time. Had the Emperor allowed the Chinese to leave China, the whole of South-east Asia and even Australia and New Zealand would be Chinese, there would be no "ketuanan melayu", and Obama's ' pivot to Asia ' today. Isma also should not forget, as Mahathir pointed out , more than 80% of the taxes are paid by the Chinese. Would "ketuanan melayu's" life be so syiok if not for the hard-working Chinese. As Mahathir pointed out Malays are lazy and tends to steal.....Renong, Pernas, MAS, NFD, etc.Chinese or more correctly Confucious culture create wealth. China was so much poorer than us, so too Singapore. Where are we today, compare to them or Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

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I hope the gangster racists realize that China is taking note and not the one to forget easily. Already, the President is proposing to issue all overseas chinese a special card and reminded them that the maternal links will always be strong. Hope eventually he will learn from Putin as in Crimea and Ukraine and send his little " yellow men " where Chinese are abused and discriminated. Chairman Mao once said that the "East is Red". Maybe, eventually, the whole world will be red, esp. during Lunar New Year, when successful Chinese enclaves from Africa to the Americas celebrate their New Year.

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Chinese don't gobble wealth. As Mahathir pointed out Chinese pay most of the taxes. Look at the trillions of US dollars reserve China build up. And other countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore doing so well despite endowed with little natural resources !.

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No need high power science la. Haze problem is just money and politics. Oil palm is a capital intensive crop ( good return on capital ) unlike return to labor crops like coffee, cacao, pepper, and rubber. So if governments and politicians truly cares for the people and the environment they should adopt these policies. 1. All peats and wetlands should be protected and not alienated. ( No need to spell out the benefits of these to the environment, biodiversity, etc) 2. No more alienating land to companies and helping to make more oil palm tycoons Land for oil palm should only be alienated to smallholders and they be encouraged to form co-operatives. Felda could have been a model of such successful co-operatives, but instead the powers that be have hijacked it for their own interests ( hundreds of millions IPO fees for merchant banks, votes bank, etc.)

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Thank you Zaid for such an insight on the problems facing Malaysians. Hope PAS will take your advice and save a paradise, Malaysia, ( compare the natural disasters like Haiyuan,etc that yearly lash the Phillipines ) from being lost. God bless you.

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Right on the point. Curbs corruption and wastage and billions will be saved. How does most of the elites get their money to buy millions ringgits cars, properties, etc. The gap between the elites and the masses is just obscene. Do we need CIQs, Terminal Tasik Selatan, Pudu Sentral, etc,etc. Why are we still being tolled when our neighbour Thailand, not blessed with oil and gas and with equally good roads/highways do not have to put up with this "exploitation." How much wastage/debts have Prasana accumulated. Close SPAD, and like Thailand allow tut-tuts, min-buses n even motor -cycles and our commuters will smile more, as in the "land of smiles"(Thailand).

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Mr. Lim Kit Siang. I think the answer is obvious to you. The more they spent/waste, the more they can siphon off for themselves and cronies. Despite so many white elephants (CIQs in JB/Melaka) , central bus terminals ( Terminal Tasik Selatan, Melaka Sentral, etc ) more are being built.

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Well said, especially your quote from Zulkifli Noordin. Wish there are more muslims/malays like him. However, as I always tell those, including my own kins who try to proselytise me, ( to Christianity) that being a non-semite/half-semite I see no reason to be a follower of the" Book". As a Chinese with thousands of years of continous culture, I find it pathetic that so many will abandoned their culture to adopt/pray to a foreign one.

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May be the non-semites/and non half semites should consider returning to their religions/beliefs (Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism ( its education rather than a religion ), etc if they still need religious crutches. Looking at what all the conflicts, genocides, etc that the " people of the book " has brought to mankind, one cannot but accept Prof Joseph Cambell stand, quote, " The God of the Hebrews is an evil god ". Would not it be a better world had the non-semites/non half semites follow Buddha's teaching quote " As you think/believe, so you become." and monotheism did not spread to half the world' populace. If someone gets solace and peace of mind praying to his ancestors, or a "datoh" what right have anyone to condemn or stop him.