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You are skimming over the real issue, however. If you are a "beautiful woman" and you are hit on constantly, then the issue becomes the ladys ability to find someone who actually cares for who you are, not how you look. I've watched a friend succomb to this pressure and it's a really tough thing to watch, it cracks you apart just watching it. Because for her it is now just about looks and her thoughts don't matter; she is just an object. When his friends meet her, they all high five and say " shes so pretty, good job man! You're so lucky!"

And so you may say "in reality these things happen" and that is true. However we are not talking just about how reality is, but how we would like reality to be. See, first you have to acknowledge what is wrong to make it right. If it's good enough for those AA guys, we should all try it sometime.

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You just brought back horrible memories... although I'm hoping that Santorum would make Obama the easy pick, you're right. It could back fire... argh.

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I love how she is allowed to criticize others, on air, "in front" of perhaps thousands of people, and yet when someone else criticizes her, it's now "unfair"?

"How dare you expect any repercussions for my insensible actions!" she cries from on top of her noble steed. Yeah yeah.. get of yer high horse!

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A heapin load of bullshit to getcha through your day. Sometimes I wonder how we've been able to get as far as we have (as a country), even though we've made little progress on a larger scale.

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The difference, as I see it, between the label of the "Atheist community" is that you would compare it to the "Christian community" (so it's a different emphasis). Community is just a term for a group of people, it does not make any assumptions that that said group thinks the same, just that they have one common trait, the community is Atheist.

While I see this difference, I think I still agree with Gene, but I don't think the error is with the words, but peoples' association with them. However I have no idea what else we can call our little "group" and so I think it is important to just keep in mind for now... unless someone else has a good idea.

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I agree, I hate shopping. All of the stores that had extensive items I was interested in (movies, books, etc) where closed. Now it's target, Walmart and barnes and nobles. Because it's one store suPplying lots of merchandise I can't find anything unique. And then target is trying to make all their stores conform and look the exact same, which really annoys me. I hate the corporate fucks. But where else can you go when you're on a budget?

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You know I'm torn here on this subject of agnosticism because I tried for a while to say some 'force'. But I thought about it an realized yeah I think a force is behind everything, but "it's" not god. I realized it can simply be called energy and that's been proven so I don't need belief. I think, however, that you need to let others make up their own minds. Belief or not, it's up to them to reason it out.

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I don't mind xmas, I just don't think that it's a big deal. It's like any other holiday. I found out santa wasn't real when I was 7 and when I was 20 I found out God isn't real, either. I still celebrate it, but with an emphasis on the necessity of thanking others for what they do to help me and others. It's like thanksgiving, only with out the whole "killing natives for their land and then lying about it" thing... at least as far as I know. I see it as celebrating the end of a year and hoping for an awesome new year :)

If I intended on having children, I'd celebrate the thankful part of it and make that the tradition instead of lying about a fat man in a red suit or the usual jesus babble. You do what you want, celebrate how you please. That's just how I see the holidays.

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Already there are shouts of protest

"UPDATE: California state senator Ted W. Lieu, a Democrat representing Torrance, is calling on Lowe’s to apologize. “Lowe’s action is bigoted, shameful, and un-American,” Lieu wrote in a letter to the home-improvement chain. “I call on Lowe’s to rescind its action and apologize to Americans who are Muslim...."

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Didn't anyone notice how Orwellian that sign is? It brought my thoughts back to the book '1984'.

I think about the problems with others attitudes towards Atheism and how people are OFFENDED just by saying you're an Atheist. How a friend of mine thinks I don't like people because of their religion!

It really feels like once you say 'I'm an Atheist', people don't see YOU. They just see 'an Atheist' and now you're no longer one of 'us', you're a 'them'. And it makes me sad.