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This man is appeared on the Jon Stewart "Daily Show" (or was it "Colbert"?) recently, talking about how lovely Islam is and how we should all just get along. He made me want to puke and scream at the same time. The really unfortunate thing is that these shows have a VERY large, young, malleable audience with very little knowlege of the real Islam. He came across as a real worm to me however and hopefully to the youth who were watching as well.

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I don't like her face. She looks ...dead... or proud. Of what? Belonging to the sickest cult ever? Pulling a fast one on our police and judicial system? Something stinks. This is the probably the expression of one who can look on while hubby beats daughter to death for wearing western clothes. Cold. Stone. Ugly.

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I think it's exciting that they are at least questioning and complaining. Ihope the end of this cult comes about as the result of those who are tired of having the foot of their husbands on their throats finally saying "no more." When at least 50% of their population is no longer under total control of the other 50% what will happen? On the other hand - it's pretty sad that they don't complain when their daughters or sisters are stoned to death or beheaded. I guess they want to be in good shape when they're executed.

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I knew it! I suspected there was some skullduggery (sp?) afoot here. It smelled of - something bad.

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It is what is not being stated that is truly tricky: by using the word "conservative" in describing this horrible crime, an uneducated reader could be swayed to believe that there are, in fact, "moderates" or "liberals" in this cracked-up cult, when that is just not the truth. It leaves the door open for the "moderate/liberal" muslim-descriptions.

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"Praying in queues and restrooms"? Oh please - somebody - make it stop! Here's a question- if our private businesses become more state-run, how will our "separation of church and state" clause affect all of this praying on the job?

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I think I understand what Brianakira is saying and why he is so upset. The demonstrators are misleading; their true intent would only make a total Muslim takeover easier in Britain, if that's possible. I just wish Brianakira would direct his venom at his own countrymen and possibly help to instigate a true rise against Muslim supremacy in Great Britain. Why aren't there crowds of average native British citizens protesting the chipping away of their culture and laws? Oh and before you curse me with a pox or something, Brian, it's rather hard to decipher your points because it takes some time to wade through the mire of your curses and insults. Chill out, why don't you?

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Why would any woman with a shred of self-respect agree to be wife #1,2,3, or 4? Therein lies the rub I think. An arrangement like that points to the degradation of women, which is a cornerstone of this cult. Once mulsim women wise up - this cult of crap is done for.

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The idea of our money going to Gaza makes me ill. Now every time I see those bastards dancing in their streets with "death to America" signs I can rest assured that I paid for the paper and ink they make the signs with. God help us.

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I was thinking how just absolutely gross his actions were when I wondered just how did he go about getting his "biological ingredients" INTO his spray bottle anyway? Absolutely disgusting - but definitely premeditated. Disgusting jerk. And "how much would she charge for a rape"? Also retarded. Or a freudian slip?