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Congrats on finishing Discworld Mark!!! And a hearty thank you for making the experience so fun for all of us.

A couple little questions for you to answer at your leisure:

- I asked this after Hogfather, but I'm curious to see if it's changed: which Discworld book do you think has the best title?
- What do you think is the single weirdest Discworld book?
- Favorite Discworld pun BESIDES horse d'eouvres?
- What surprised you the most about Discworld?

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What words would he have put down if he’d just had more time?

This hit me particularly hard. My mom was a writer, and was working with an editor on revising her manuscript when she died. I always wonder what that finished book would have looked like.

Thank you for sharing your personal story with us today, Mark; I know it's what you do, but it can't have been easy. (But I hope it helped, in some small way.)

I thought about posting this last chapter as it relates to the dedication, but I decided to hold off until we got to this chapter. Rhianna Pratchett (Terry's daughter) on the meaning of 'mind how you go' (posted on Twitter, Aug 27 2015):

"For those reading The Shepherd's Crown 'Mind how you go' are considered to be the Pratchett magic words.

We'd always say them to someone travelling somewhere. They were also the last words I said to my grandfather and my father."

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I quite like the closing moment of this book. I think it's a fitting ending for the book. [TSC sort of] Naq sbe gur Naxu-Zbecbex fvqr bs guvatf nf n jubyr.

I think this is a somewhat strange Moist book, and not just because he occasionally seems to veer off into possibly-OOC territory (and truthfully I think a lot of those moments could have felt more organic and justified with some stronger character work throughout the book; I don't think any of them are completely out of the question for his character.) But also because nothing particularly about the subject matter seems specific to Moist. It feels like an "innovation" book (e.g. Moving Pictures, The Truth) combined with a Watch book (hence the dwarf and goblin elements) that Moist just kind of gets dropped into. Which I think could've been interesting actually if it felt more intentional. But instead it's just kinda weird.

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I'm not the biggest fan of this book, but I've never forgotten that line about hatred on your tongue. Whoof. What a line.

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I do have one possible theory that might explain part of why you're enjoying this more than a lot of us did, although it is purely conjecture: I think this book (and Snuff as well, actually) might just work better when they're read aloud vs. when you read them inside your head. My sole reason for thinking this is that I believe at this point the books were basically 90-100% written using dictating software. Pratchett is writing via oral storytelling here, thus, I think this book may come off better when you consume it via oral storytelling as well. For instance, I've noticed that in Snuff and Raising Steam, the paragraphs tend to be bigger and the dialogue tends to be longer and more expository than it was in previous books, which I think tends to trip up people who are reading the books inside their head, but to someone reading them aloud, I think the flow is not affected as much.

Again, though, this is 100% conjecture, and it doesn't take into account that there may also be differences in personal taste at play. But I think it's possibly part of it.

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Question for the mods and/or anyone who is involved with making the splits:

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[Re: your rot13] V'ir bayl ernq guvf obbx bapr naq qba'g erzrzore vg va fhcre fcrpvsvp qrgnvy, fb sbetvir zr vs gur nafjre gb guvf fubhyq or boivbhf -- jung'f lbhe bowrpgvba gb gur pybhqf bs cvax fgrnz?

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I was really sad to hear this news earlier this week. My thoughts are with you and Baize's family and friends. Take all the time you need. <3

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I didn't love this book back when I read it, although I also happened to start reading it at pretty much the exact same time as my ability to read quickly and enjoyment of reading both took a sharp downward turn for various brain reasons, so it took me like 4 years to get through it and by the time I reached the end I was just so relieved to have finished a book, any book, that I didn't want to look back. So I'm not sure it ever really got a fair shake from me. That said, I find myself agreeing with a lot of the critiques I'm seeing in the comments above, and I do feel upon revisiting the book that there's a definite stylistic shift between ISWM and this one, which is difficult for me to describe but I don't think I'm a big fan of it. I also agree with what Mark says about what he enjoys about the book, though, and I'm glad that he had fun with it. I hope he likes the remaining books as well.

Also, isn't The World of Poo a real book? I haven't had the opportunity to check it out myself but I believe it's a Where's My Cow-type tie-in, right? Is there any chance of Mark reading it?

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I had a somewhat similar experience myself. For me finding out that there were actual honest-to-god cisgender people in the world, who had a strong identification with the gender they were assigned at birth and everything, was much more surprising than finding out that there were trans/nonbinary people.