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I was really sad to hear this news earlier this week. My thoughts are with you and Baize's family and friends. Take all the time you need. <3

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I didn't love this book back when I read it, although I also happened to start reading it at pretty much the exact same time as my ability to read quickly and enjoyment of reading both took a sharp downward turn for various brain reasons, so it took me like 4 years to get through it and by the time I reached the end I was just so relieved to have finished a book, any book, that I didn't want to look back. So I'm not sure it ever really got a fair shake from me. That said, I find myself agreeing with a lot of the critiques I'm seeing in the comments above, and I do feel upon revisiting the book that there's a definite stylistic shift between ISWM and this one, which is difficult for me to describe but I don't think I'm a big fan of it. I also agree with what Mark says about what he enjoys about the book, though, and I'm glad that he had fun with it. I hope he likes the remaining books as well.

Also, isn't The World of Poo a real book? I haven't had the opportunity to check it out myself but I believe it's a Where's My Cow-type tie-in, right? Is there any chance of Mark reading it?

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I had a somewhat similar experience myself. For me finding out that there were actual honest-to-god cisgender people in the world, who had a strong identification with the gender they were assigned at birth and everything, was much more surprising than finding out that there were trans/nonbinary people.

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Human beings (and not-so-human beings) on a football team.

What's a football team to the Shove?

What's the Shove to a pie?

What's a pie to a happy ending?

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There’s another waterfall near Eaton Falls, if I recall correctly, where people die all the time because they try to climb up the slippery rocks to get to the top of the fall and… well, they don’t make it to the top.

I think I know what waterfall you're talking about, and yeah, it's real slippery. I don't know what possesses folks to try to climb stuff like that.

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I don't know if this is what SkyeRequiem was referring to, but there's a fairly well-known couplet along those lines from the African-American spiritual "Mary Don't You Weep":

God gave Noah the rainbow sign
No more water, but fire next time

This is also the origin of the title of James Baldwin's book The Fire Next Time.

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That...sure is an opinion. We're probably gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

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But it does mean they shouldn't get to dictate the terms of that war.