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Way to make them pay Canada!.. oh wait...

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We can only hope. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get some real talk about changing the system... hah.. nevermind I think we'll be waiting a long time for that..

I wonder how the election would have turned out if the Liberals campaigned hard on the promise of looking into various types of proportional representation. It would be interesting to see the public's reaction... if you can get a reaction out of them at all.

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Alright, so lets say it plays out something like that. What happens when the fascist table the budget removing per vote subsidies to political parties? We got ourselves a mess!

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First of all, you're absolutely correct.. the set was hideous.

Secondly, if the moderator acted as a fact checker maybe these debates would be more beneficial. Whenever the opposition parties pointed out things that Harper has done he just has to answer "That is simply not true." How are the people at home suppose to know if it is or not?

Thirdly, if the Liberals would attack the Tories on the economy for the rest of the election they would greatly improve their prospects. They need TV ads that:

1. Show the clips of Harper in the last election claiming there was going to be no recession.
2. Show the clips of Harper in the last election claiming the other parties would run deficits and he wouldn't.
3. Point out the banking regulations set by previous governments are primarily what saved us.
4. Show Flaherty's defecit projections which are way off.
5. Compare Flaherty's numbers to Kevin Page's numbers. Show who was right and Flaherty's reaction to Page.

Either the Tories are incompetent or they purposely lie.

Gilles Ducette was the only one to bring any of these things up (briefly) in the English debate. It doesn't take a genius to know that the economy is the issue. They need to take on the Tories head on on this issue and show the public that the Tories being the best for the economy is a myth. If they can get this message out successfully they may get some center-right voters without having to change their platform.

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This is truly outrageous... but then again it isn't. It's just another example of politicians (or former) living in a completely different world than the rest of us. The past month has really magnified the disconnect. This incident, the Guergis hissy fit, the private jet, the MLA expenses in NS.

How do you solve this problem? Realistically we can't fire them all and start over. I'm not sure what the solution is. Extreme transparency enforced strongly by the media would help matters quite a bit.

Rahim will have to take the heat for the next few days but nothing will be done and he'll live the rest of his life with no criminal record. The media will move on to something else. He knows it and you can hear the arrogance when he speaks about it.

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Hey, it could have been worse... he could have hosted a twitter town hall.

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As sad as it is, this worked for the Tories. The Liberal's new strategy is "If you can't beat him join him." (See 10 percenters, childish photoshoping, and now amateurish ads).

Politics gets more depressing every day.

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Here I thought you were fair and balanced... turns out you really are a Tory strategist! I'm crushed..

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So the government can do whatever they want because "Three in less than six years is enough for the next while"?

Wouldn't it be refreshing if instead of these election-no-election games they tried good old fashion democracy? How about "There will be an election when the majority can't support the government. That could be anytime depending on what the government introduces." He could even add "I hope that isn't soon but it depends entirely on the motions introduced in parliament. "

Honesty as a strategy.. there's a thought.

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I was a big fan of the GG but after this incident I lost a lot of respect for her. Canadians looked to her to solve the crisis and she didn't even say a word. Not one peep. I'm not sure how shutting things down without even explaining her actions, just because the situation got tough, is doing a fine job.

This was the perfect opportunity to educate Canadians and she blew it.