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MATT'S rabid, hate filled treatment of Bob on this show was horrific. Center?

Not hardly. .... he's just a right wing neocon jihadi about Iran HORRIBLY biased, two against one and I won't be tuning in again most likely until his fascist drivel is no longer presented as the "centre".

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Thanks so much for contributing to the rush towards World War III, Yves.

I'm sure you will be rewarded for it.

However, there ARE drawbacks to World War III, which will surely go nuclear.

But what do you care?

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I was completely short this market, starting in late August 1987; it was obvious this would happen because of the bloodbath that was occurring in Japanese bonds beforehand.

I remember the idiot oligarchs and cretins at the investment banks calling basket trading (capitalizing on the spread between the futures and underlying cash stocks) "RISK-FREE arbitrage at the time.

Of course, during this crash, ALL the floor traders in Chicago split the scene and went hoe because they were not about to risk their little life savings stakes of half a million just to "provide liquidity" by catching a falling knife and buying these futures as the "risk free arbitrage" positions were unwound by panicked quants.

Funny how I never heard that term "risk free arbitrage" after that crash of 1987.

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The most direct way to stimulate spending and therefore aggregate demand is through direct cash transfers to the poorest of the poor and our seniors, who spend a FAR higher percentage of their income than the billionaires.

Triple the size of everyone's unemployment check.

Give $5000 to everyone on Social Security.

But the oligarchs would never permit that.


Because the ONLY way the Fed will make money on its trillion dollar Treasury portfolio is through controlled DEflation.

Rocket science to the Americans.

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The Fed is making out like a bandit with their massive bond holdings which SOAR in value in DEflation.

There is NO WAY they will let inflation return. As rational actors, they will favor DEflation, which helps their bond holdings.

Rocket science to the Americans.

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To me, these ensembles say that the massive transfer of global wealth DIRECTLY to the 1% oligarchs is accelerating.

Transfer tax pricing of intangibles.

Think about it.

Big party for everyone with Treasuries. Deflation.

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HYPERleverage was clearly one primary (but not the only) cause of the Great Financial Collapse.

Raising the capital requirements is a competent way to address that.

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The Fed is not a government agency.

It is a hyrbrid.

It has public aspects (such as a dual mandate, Humphrey Hawkins obligations to Congress and appointment of various FOMC members) AND it has a private component as well, most definitively expressed in the makeup of the various Fed branches.

Asserting the Fed is ONLY a government agency or ONLY a private entity is simply false and leads to skewed extrapolations.

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They are certainly relevant in examining the systematic overweighting of inflation risks by Ed and the St. Louis Fed.

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Actually I think Ed is dramatically oversimplifying a very complex topic.

So much of this has to do with the collapsing income velocity of the various monetary aggregates caused by Reagan's banking deregulation, a folly that has changed central banking forever.

He seems completely unaware of the collapse of monetarism among the intellectual elites in the various Federal Reserve branches OTHER than the diehard monetarists still holed up at the St. Louis Fed branch.

He is dramatically oversimplifying and misapprehending the current intellectual frameworks driving Fed policy today.

Rajan knows what I'm talking about. University of Chicago.