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a friend of mine went to mexico to get a operation done last week to get his boobs removed .
he died there this week the operation dident turn out to well,
fact: marijuana alters growth men often get boobs and girls grow facial hair.and so on.
and on top of that we will never get out of this resession if you all smoke dope and
sit around laughing. this country was built on hard honest hard work there is no short cut.
put your head down buck up and pull your weight.
he should be banned from politics for ever and slapped the with the highest extent of the law.
why ? he knows better .aaaa role model aaaa he is the treasurer . what a disgrace .

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this is the same thing Snohomish County is trying to cram down the recyclers throat!!! __i would say Mr Zybas and the rest of his clan in sno. county solid waste should take notes!!!__flow control does not preempt state and federal law.__i wish these people would pull there head out .!!!recyclers have to work for there money it does not grow on trees!!!__they did not get the Schrammie.
take a look at how they are trying to screw the recyclers and miss leed you the same way.oh they just twist the story into making the recycler look bad thats BS. you all save by recycling!!!!!!!!
it will all come out in time,,,,,

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fair play. its nice to see someone can see threw smoke and mirrors.
this is the tip of the iceberg . it will all come out in time.stay tuned.
recycling creates about 5 jobs per every 1 county worker it takes to push it into a hole.
and that material creates 5 more jobs at the product manufacturers,truck drivers ,and so on .
which in turn comes back to you in cheaper TV sets to plastic pipe
boxes ,cars, tractors,toys you name it.recycled feedstock is half the cost of raw material.

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Chandler says the supervisors told him they hadto write down that many callouts to justify taking home their trucks.
The county acknowledges the supervisors used a formula, so the KING 5 Investigators asked how many times people were called out for actual emergencies. They couldn't or wouldn't tell us.
But, Chandler says he convinced his bosses use of county vehicles was nothing but a perk and ended the practice.
Chandler was also hired right in the middle of a firestorm over wasteful spending on a truck, which the KING 5 Investigators exposed in a report last summer. A $174,000 truck called the Dinosaur sat unused for more than a year. Back then, Chandler told us that it was a mistake.
Yet Chandler says he was reprimanded for embarrassing his boss when he called the truck a mistake. Click here to read an Investigators report on the Dinosaur.
Chandler says he met resistance every time he attempted reform.
He wanted employees to punch time clocks.

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Sam Chandler believes he was punished for trying to change a culture of perks and lax accountability. Now he is packing for a move to California, where he's landed a new job after being forced out.
"I was told I could either resign or be fired because, no particular reason was given, but it just wasn't gonna work out," he said.
Chandler says when he was hired in 2006, his mission was to find ways to save ratepayers money.
He says one thing that jumped out was Solid Waste supervisors using county trucks to commute back and forth to work at a total cost of nearly $20,000 a year.

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"except as permitted by state law"
you are sooo smart.

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i have nothing to hide.
we are just recyclers...

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the county gets 58 million $ per year . how cant you make money with that ?
when the county made lots of money during the big building boom did they give any of the cash
back NO .they spent it and some !! somone needs to look into there spending !!