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Indeed. Sars cov 2 is like influenza, not sars cov 2003. Lockdown is totally the wrong approach. The only solution is population level immunity.

The media and government are actually the problem here. Terrifying everyone and dragging the initial waves out, probably for years

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They will open everything right in to the jaws of the tiger?

I find it really amazing how stupid the government seemingly are and how poor the scientific advice must be to come to the descisions they've made.

Maybe it's a kind of mass self delusion? Everything we've done will be shown to be both totally pointless and in fact probably counterproductive within 6 months.

Sars cov 2 isn't going anywhere, as soon as we hit winter, temperature drops, much less sun and vitamin D, we're forced to spend time inside, it'll let rip again. Most importantly, it's almost certainly not vaccinable. So there isn't really any choice, nor has there ever been.

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Masks are a medical issue.

For sars cov 2003, an entirely reasonable and sensible way to get it burn out. It had 100% symptomatic transmission, CFR of 10%, so masks worked. Burnt out in a few months.

Sars cov 2 is totally different, highly aggressive asymptomatic spreading virus, CFR of less than 1% (and that will continue to fall), non vaccinable because our immune system sees it as a glorified cold virus. So any vaccine would need to be changed and topped up every few months.

It's already endemic in huge portions of the world. It'll keep spreading until we give up trying to control it and let nature sort it out. Population level immunity must be allowed to develop. For 99%+ of the population it's no more dangerous than a cold. Some countries have surveiled it well enough to show how mild it actually is.

The alternative is a futile multi year battle that cannot be won. The side effects of that politically and economically will be utterly disastrous.

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We gave up when we signed the modified WA. Making all these concessions before any trade deal was a huge mistake.

We should have walked and negotiated from a position of strength.

After everything we've seen recently, this government is terrified of any risk how credible do we think it is that we now just walk away...?

For me it's all theatre and a deal will be agreed or maybe already has been...

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Yes masks create a culture of fear for what is not a mortal threat to 99%+ of the population.

Importantly, what do people imagine the end game is? Given vaccination looks impossible due to our bodies losing immunity after 3 months or so.

Permanent suppression, masks and lockdowns when it comes back, forever?

Our actions have merely strung the problem out over several years.

The sooner we develop population level immunity to it, the sooner some kind of normalcy can emerge.

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Evidence is now emerging immunity only lasts 3 months or so. It'll come back every winter and no way of stopping it without shutting everything down. Exactly the same as influenza and other cold like viruses.

That is because sars cov 2 is just a highly glorified cold virus, just one we don't have immunity to yet.

Wait till we have 5+ years of mask wearing and lockdowns.

On what time frame should the deaths be counted, because this virus will be here permanently.

It could even outlast us given how stupid most of the species has become.

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This is why I said futile, there is no way of controlling sars cov 2. There is no need to, because like normal cold and flu viruses it's not particularly dangerous to 99%+ of the population. Just to those over 60 and those who have a weakened immune system.

It'll also never be vaccinable for the same reason, our bodies won't hold immunity for more than a few month, no matter how hysterical we are about it and it'll mutate like corona cold viruses do already.

By locking down, we have just strung out the inevitable over several years or even longer. That is the infection rate needs to reach 70% plus and then sars cov 2 fades in to the background, probably competing with Influenza every winter. A permanent addition to the stock of seasonal viruses. This is not a temporary phenomenon. That is the big mistake.

Those countries you praise, will be permanently cut off from everywhere else, where it inevitably becomes endemic. Their containment will fail eventually as well, it's just a question of how long it takes.

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It's not just Boris. The global response to Covid 19 will go down historically as disastrously as world war 1. Decades of negative ramifications from it.

Totally futile economy destroying lockdowns, for a virus that isn't particularly serious in 99%+ of cases.

Similar psychology is at play.

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Sars cov 2 isn't particularly dangerous for 99%+ of people. I doubt said 99%+ will hold immunity to it for long. As with the usual cold and flu viruses.

The first lockdown was a ludicrous over reaction and also utterly futile.

What we're actually dealing with is technology induced mass hysteria. That is the very serious problem with our society that needs to be addressed.

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Most places will go bust within 12 months, no profitable way to operate with these rules.

Then presumably mass civil unrest over next few years due to sky high unemployment.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum and it's going to end very, very badly.