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If BoJo seriously pursues the FTA / WTO plan the Brexit Party won't stand candidates.

Of course if he's backing down, it will be Brexit Party game on...

Given his speech yesterday he is on message so far.

Now to make a fair and reasonable offer of an interim FTA to come in to force after 31/10 using article 24. Offering to maintain the €400bn a year of imports we currently buy every year which amounts to a £100bn trade deficit for the UK.

The EU can refuse of course.

BoJo will then rally the country against the EU, who will be seen as being the unreasonable bully boys we know they are....?, and open talks with the US, Canada and other countries instead.

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Running a £100bn deficit and spending €400bn on imports is having our cake and eating it? Really?

We simply want a free trade deal.

The EU can refuse to trade with us on anything other than bare WTO of course, that is their prerogative.

My view is that would probably embitter the UK population against the EU for a considerable period of time.

BoJo should make it clear we're open to reasonable FTA negotiations.

The EU can then refuse and we'll have to open them with the other major countries in the world instead. US, Canada and the rest.

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The reverse is true...

The British people lead by BoJo will rally against the EU, after all, we are making very reasonable offer of free trade, with a £100bn deficit in goods, and implementing a democratic decision made by 17.4 million voters.

If the EU does not wish to be reasonable my guess is UK/EU relations will descend in to hostility which could last a fair while. The UK will agree trade deals elsewhere and be welcomed.

The basis of all western prosperity is democracy. Shame it seems our EU friends aren't intelligent enough to understand that...

I would also say, looking at the IFO / Markit numbers from this week. That the EMU is going to be in serious trouble very soon. Monetary policy is not working, and when the world tips in to recession, probably in the next 6 months, the fiscal side of it will become unworkable very quickly.

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Bring on the BoJo GE, good to see the gauntlet laid down yesterday on the WA, to clear the way for a WTO / FTA exit.

Now let parliament do it's worst..

I believe the Brexit Party won't be standing candidates in the coming GE, and large majority will be in the offing.

The defeatist rhetoric of the Lib Dems and Labour will not sit well with the British people and opposition vote will split between them.

The usual suspect(s) seem to be out in force in this thread...., Seemingly absolutely terrified of BoJo getting 5 years to make independence and the rest a resounding success.

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Brexit will turn out to the easy bit of BoJo's premiership.

I am in no doubt he can win a GE if he's forced to call one because this parliament won't support a 31/10 exit.

It's going to be the global economy that will provide the major headache over the next 5+ years and the EMU will be the joint epicenter of the problems along with China.

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Hoping BoJo will lay down the gantlet to parliament later today.

Parliament can support a 31/10 WTO exit with an FTA offer, or it's a GE and Farage won't stand candidates against us so we can get a sizable majority to achieve that objective.

That BoJo's only play as far as I can see. In my view the "Dude" can lead us to victory. That is what Boris brings to the table, he is a fearsome campaigner and he will win.

Limping on with no majority to actually do anything would be extremely foolish. Time to get on the front foot on day one and take the election fight to Labour and the Lib Dems.

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Now things get interesting...

What will BoJo's strategy be?

He looks in fighting form to me.

Surely the gauntlet will go down for a GE, if his Brexit policy of leaving on 31/10 via WTO / FTA is not supported / and going to be blocked by parliament.

What other choice is there?

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More likely that we'll hear chants of "lock her up" at conference...

I predict May will look in worse in hindsight, an utter and dismal failure in every way for essentially her entire senior political career.

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Agree with you.

Which is why the best strategy Boris (if elected) can follow is to shred the WA in its entirety as his first task, ,commit to the FTA / WTO plan, and then dare parliament to bring the government down.

No point in trying to negotiate anything with the EU from the inside. The plan will be to offer a fair and reasonable FTA to continue EU trade, once we've followed all the EU rules to leave, and already become independent.

If the EU wish to push the UK out of their trade sphere that will be their prerogative.

This parliament was elected on a mandate of "delivering Brexit" and "no deal is better than a bad deal" in our case.

So let this parliament cancel it's mandate to exist, and let's have a GE for a new one.

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Like they do in the USMCA.., do keep up old boy.

The UK needs to regain it's self respect.

We're importing €400bn from the EU and you can bet our American friends would like a piece of that.

Unlike, China, Canada and Mexico etc, we would be moving our trade deficit from € to $ not being "unfair" as Mr Trump would say....