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Why will it be gone soon?

Do you think people thought that in 6000bc or so about what we now know as influenza.

Agree also far too late..

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If sars cov 2 is around for years, will these press conferences be as well?

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Will just throwing money at regardless business work?

Whilst in the short term it's helpful, long term it'll be disastrous.

No picking of winners, no point in innovating or trying to be more efficient. Just wait for the next government hand out instead.

Bank profitability will collapse and the government will face a massive bill from loan fraud and massive default rate. For little benefit.

How will businesses ever be weaned off the furlough scheme. Demand in a lot of areas won't come back.

The response to Covid 19, to me shows how intellectually bankrupt and totally unwilling to accept any risk our society has become.

Big iceberg ahead!

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No we can't copy SK, because the virus is already entrenched in the population, far, far too late.

Not only that but what they're doing only makes sense if sars cov 2 is a temporary phenomenon. It isn't though, it's a permanent addition to seasonal virus stock.

The SK approach appeals to our gutless populist politicians because it seemingly doesn't require any pain long term.

It's not a real option though, if we intend to ever go back to living in a free society that also allows international travel.

We've got a long way to go down, globally before we come back up again.

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True and been obvious since we saw the numbers from Italy in that Dr Fox article weeks ago.

Can't actually believe the government then went for a full lockdown...

To me it's total stupidity.

We should have just locked down the vulnerable whilst leaving the door open for potentially a full lockdown this winter. That is when such measures will really be needed.

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Even the Chinese think contract tracing isn't ultimately a viable strategy.

They expect Covid to become a seasonal pathogen.

The reason is the huge number of asymptomatic carriers of the virus. Unlike SARS 1 where it was a sensible strategy.

SK and Taiwan caught it early enough to make it viable, in the short term anyway.

Given the mutability of the virus and therefore difficulty in producing a vaccine, ultimately managed herd immunity is likely the only viable solution.

Expect China to start trying that pretty shortly.

It'll take several years to get there though.

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Lets see if we're walking in to a second much deadlier winter wave of Covid 19?

The peak surely comes in the winter. Easing the lockdown over the summer, so everyone rushes out together will amplify it.

The other key question is if those now immune, will still be on 6 months?

Doesn't make any sense.

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Yes will probably take 5+ years for herd immunity

Most people in very low risk group will realise pretty quickly, getting exposure and immunity is far preferable to sitting at home for 5 years.

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We need to end the total lockdown and switch to a tactical lockdown of the vulnerable only.

Not because of the economy, the only way out of this crisis is building immunity in the population over several years.

This winter is going to be a bloodbath. The more in the non vulnerable group who have some immunity before that, the better!

We should be preparing for a full lockdown this winter. Not be having one now!

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Any inquiry will conclude that there was nothing we could do to stop sars-cov-2.

That is obvious already.

The response is a different matter. My guess is there will be harsh criticism of this initial lockdown based on a flawed model that didn't predict the second much more devestating peak correctly.