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If she wants half the population demanding a republic, maybe could say yes.

Can't involve HM in Brexit. Especially not because parliament might stop the PM from a no deal exit.

I suspect the PM would be strongly advised not too even ask...

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Let us imagine the new Tory leader is prepared to walk away with no deal.

What about parliament? We do not have a majority. How many Tory MPs would oppose no deal if it looks a serious possibility? 20 at least, probably more like 100+ though really.

The idea the queen will prologue parliament to prevent Parliament implementing their will is also laughable.

We need a GE to get a majority for leaving on WTO and then it becomes a realistic option. First thing a Tory / Brexit government would have to do is positively legislate to lock the country in to leaving regardless at the end of the A50 period.

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The Queen will say no. Which is entirely reasonable under the circumstances.

Then what?

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Help us all. Leadsom would be the worst though.

May as well let Corbyn measure the curtains up at number 10.

It's going to be a nightmare for next PM. Still same parliamentary deadlock as May. Going to have to fight GE with a deteriorating economy.

Can only be Boris.

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Wrong, per ECJ judgement can be revoked and reissued infinitely, as long as preceded by a democratic process.

GE with a further majority for Independence would certainly qualify to re-issue.

Whilst under the extension and with the current make up of parliament new PM won't be able to do anything.

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I expect there to be a GE.

We will turn to Boris, with Baker prominent and Farage brought onside. To get a majority to actually implement 2016.

Don't see how there is any other option.

Wouldn't want to try and guess the outcome.

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WTO won't fly with this parliament, Government would collapse as our benches won't support it. Would either end in a GE or referendum if we try it. Therefore:

Revoke article 50.

General election, merging Brexit party in to conservatives.

Get an overall majority in parliament for either FTA Brexit, which is what was argued for and won in 2016, or WTO, which would have to be voted on before negotiating again.

That is the only way.

Any worse version of "remain" like the "deal" won't fly and is utterly pointless anyway.

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The worst PM in modern history.

It's very hard to have any sympathy given the mess we're in in entirely her fault. History will look very poorly on the "deal" and indeed on May's entire administration.

Now we need solutions. Deal / no deal won't fly with this parliament.

So there has to be a different plan. Looking forward to hearing leadership candidates ideas.

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Lidington, or someone who is bland and won't run to be permanent leader.

We can't have May hanging around. It just reminds everyone of the horrendous incompetence of the last 3 years.

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Until leadership contenders have given us their solution to the "Brexit" problem this is meaningless.

How do they solve the deal won't pass / no deal will cause the government to collapse with an extension for GE / referendum conundrum?

The new leader will almost certainly have to fight an election.

There will also probably be another global recession and Euro crisis fairly soon.

New leader going to have work cut out!