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Nobody over the age of 17 is stupid enough to play the lottery, you may as well throw your money at a lampost in the middle of a lake as with the lottery odds you are not going to win a jackpot

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Correct and as someone who is in favour of the smallest state possible most of the time I think the Government has by and large made decent decisions on state intervention due to the pandemic

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It sounds like this whole report will be a worthwhile read, I am someone who thinks the current drugs policy is not working and a fresh approach is required.

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As a resident of Tower Hamlets nothing surprises me, its time the Conservatives ran a campaign to remove the position of Mayor altogether. It would garner a lot of local support and may lead to an increase of our 1 current elected councilor

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The Government are going to impose a curfew regardless so it may as well be one that works better than the current system.

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I get the idea of the curfew and understand that the Government are trying to balance huge decisions of stopping the spread of the virus and not allowing the economy to go totally down the pan however as Charlotte's pictures show this curfew creates problems especially in city centres. I think its time to say restaurants are curfew exempt but cannot seat new customers after 9.30 meaning that most will have left by 11pm and pubs have to stop serving at 10pm but customers have up to 1030 to leave. Small changes which will be simple to implement while still balancing the physical health with the economic health.

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Honestly shocked his support is that high. Woeful on COVID so far

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I live in London (for now) and one thing is for certain I will do my best to avoid travelling on the tube or on a bus for a long time. This was indeed a tactic of mine well before the virus hit as I could never think of anything more horrible than being stuck like a sardine in a can on the tube. The fact is the Mayor of London is a useless moron who hasn't got any ability to think laterally and come up to solutions to the issues faced, that said neither has Shaun Bailey

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A test should only be counted as being done when the results are sent out, in which case we are testing about 50 000 people a day. The fact 200 000 are sending in swabs is really irrelevant as they are sat on the side gathering dust. It is a shambles and they have had since March to sort it out, one of the roles of the first lockdown was to enable the country to up its testing capabilities, this has not been done therefore the Government has failed and a new Health Minister should be appointed to get a grip of the situation

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Testing, track and trace, the app have all failed to work as required. Its 9 months since we heard about this virus, its 8 months since it was on mainland Europe. Why are we still in such a confused muddle?