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Funny...The kiss of death on sharia law might produce unexpected results.

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An excerpt from the full study reveals the absurdity of using words like "modernizers" when speaking of muslims. The percentages in favor of strong punishment are even higher within the "modernizers" than the population as a whole. Go figure....

"Even those who say they identify with the modernizers in a struggle between Islamic
fundamentalists and those who want to modernize the country support these measures. About nine-in-ten (91%) Pakistanis who side with the modernizers favor stoning adulterers. A similar proportion of those who side with modernizers (89%) favor punishments like whippings and cutting off of hands for theft and robbery, and 86% favor the death penalty for people who leave Islam. These views are virtually identical to the views of those who identify with Islamic fundamentalists."

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That deserves to be sent AND READ by the CNN editing staff...Don't anyone here know someone of influence? I can't believe we are so pitiful and powerless...

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The free world can never thank you enough for all the energy you put into this cause. How did it go at the Hindu conference? What was it like?

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Very pertinent remark.

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Yes, very good article. The hindus suffer the same fate in Pakistan and Bangladesh and could have deserved a line there too.

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Particularly accurate and powerful commentary. I agree with you 100%.

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Myanmar could have been liberated and on the road to freedom, prosperity and gratitude for 1/100th of the money and blood wasted on Irak. Muslim countries are helpless and hopeless.

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Just when we thought it to be an immense task to make the large public realize that Islam is bent on destroying us while muslims are candid about it, it seems Islam will make the game even harder for us by making sure blatantly expressed animosity is suppressed.

Muslims are evil but aren't stupid. This struggle will last a long time unfortunately.

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There's only one thign to do at this point, partition Nigeria while it's still possible. At 50/50 Nigeria isn't yet officially an islamic country, but it very soon will be and the christians will no longer have the ability to split the country. If the christians don't react NOW, they are doomed to suffer persecution and die while millions will have to flee.