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I'm sorry but I call bullshit on this. If you are a father you have a responsibility to your children. Full stop.
What happens to other people who do or do not support their children should have no bearing on whether you live up to your responsibility. You shouldn't have to be encouraged to do what you're supposed to do.
Any man that would allow a case like this to discourage him from fulfilling his responsibilities as a father is a man who isn't that committed to meeting those responsibilities in the first place.

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"I’m not sure if you know this, but pregnancies suck ass."


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Can't wait to try it!
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I have the exact same problem. And I'm super jealous that you found a friend who lives close by AND is pregnant! I need pregnant friends!

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I couldn't disagree more. The two issues are intertwined and you can't separate them.

It's systemic racism that results in a masthead at the Toronto Star that I'd bet my shorts includes not one single Black person who could have suggested they think twice before printing that racist cartoon; just as systemic racism is behind the number of Black kids who think they have no other option but gang life, which leads to horrific crimes like this shooting.

And since when does Black on Black crime rob us of the right to be outraged when we see racism? Last I checked, Black people aren't the only race in the world who kills their own people.

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God bless you for this! I've been searching for a decent (by my standards) pregnancy workout and haven't found anything I like until now. I am trying this asaptually!

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Hahaha this was amazing Streetzie. At my job we always say "keeping it gangsta" (word to Fabolous). If I'm presenting work on paper instead of projecting it onto the screen, that's keeping it gangsta. If we're doing a campaign that's quick and simple and doesn't require months to get off the ground that's keeping it gangsta. It used to be just me saying it but now I've even got my clients asking me if we're going to keep it gangsta. Amazing.
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The whole time I was reading the books I was thinking "this dude is the fictional version of Dr. J".

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I f*cking loved this post. Dr. J at his finest. And I'm loving the Canadian content in Carver's mix.

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I feel like I'm speaking out of turn because I don't sleep with women, but I think it's possible for a woman to be bad in bed. I know I had a bad spell in my twenties when I was young and uptight and known for saying "I don't do that". I remember a man once asking me if I was spoiled as a child immediately after the deed. I think I get what he was trying to imply.

Needless to say, I don't have that affliction anymore.