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I thought of this because an app like this would work perfectly for me.

If we could code this to sync for local cal also I think that would be a great tool. I am not always online but it would be nice if i know im out of the office all day i can just sync up before I go on my laptop.

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The Money: Google adsense because we will have alot of content with the tags

Also have premium events or sponsored events where we can show special event on the public page or if they want to pay even more heck put and event on everyones cal. If the user wants to opt for ad free cals they can pay a premium for that or we could work something out.

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Name: Collaborative Calendar

Purpose: One stop calendar solution that takes advantage of other sites API’s.

Summery: The first layer of this app will have events from your local community that can be aggregated by the type of event you are looking for. I can add community/public events and everyone on the site can tag them. Say a local band is playing; users can tag the genre, name of band, venue, or anything else they find relevant. This will create a rich database where other users can search for right form their homepage. Say I am bored on a Thursday afternoon and want to find an art show. I can log in and search for “local artist” or “art show” and it will tell me there is a gallery expo downtown tonight at 9pm. This is very similar to eventful and we can use the eventful API to plug in events.

The second layer to the app is a smaller scope of collaboration. It is an edible calendar by a select group of people Say you have a group of friends who go to dinner every week. You can add all of your friends to this calendar and rotate who picks the place and time to eat. This will change everyone’s calendar. Another example is if you are working on a web project with colleges and clients and need to set up a time to meet. Give access to all the colleagues and clients and they can assign meeting days and deadline and discuss right in one window. You can also integrate facebook events with the calendar. When a friend invites you to an event on facebook if you have your account synced with facebook.

The third layer to this app is a personal calendar. It’s comparable to Google calendar. But all your other calendars overlay on top of your personal calendar. This way you never forget to do something you have planned or have a scheduling conflict. The other unique option is to share your calendar. If a client wants to schedule an appointment or a friend wants to get together you can send them a URL that has your schedule. You can send the schedule in a private view that only shows the open times or detailed view where it shows everything.

Overall all the calendars will be integrated in one unified calendar. You can have multiple calendars that all overlay on a master and can choose to see one at a time, a few at a time, or them all overlaid at once. This is comparable to ical. Public events will have their own tab but other events like collaborative events can be filed in any calendar. Say you have a collaborative business meeting you can file that under you business calendar along with all your other personal events in the business calendar.

You can to the calendar website we create and manage your account or log into facebook and use the facebook app we create to manage it on facebook. Facebook app would be ideal because of the amount of users.

Tools needed: Facebook API, Eventful API, AJAX, JavaScript

Competition: Google Calendar, Eventful, iCal, and Facbook Events (but integrates all of those in one app)