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Over 20 replies to Mr Barnes' post, Donna, and quite rightly so. We wish you the best.

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Well, to be fair, they were my thoughts also, So2speak, but I figured that by typing "whatever that means" would save the finger tips a little :-)

Out of your options, I'd say all four.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but I'd bet they probably x-ray'd the damn thing first, failed to find the word 'Butler' and trashed it.

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Mine too, Revisionist. I posted it on the 26th, via recorded delivery. Have just checked the post office tracking website and it says:

"is being progressed through our network for delivery."

Whatever that means.

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I wasn't aware that W.H.Smith's sold The Anarchist Cookbook. I'm clearly mistaken.

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This guy, Simon Bennett, aka SoB, must be in a rush to get his little girl a burka.

Though, on a side note, is he any relation to Weyman ?!?!?

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Donna - New website doesn't seem to be Firefox friendly (or at least it wasn't a few days ago).

I was able to use Linux and Firefox on previous website, which I am using now. To access the comment box on the new site, I have to use Windows and Internet Explorer.

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My father has not long come back home having polled 633 votes (12.44% of the vote, standing for the first time in this area, which is kind of good).

He tells me that he witnessed the postal votes on several occasions. The highest postal vote in recent years has been 16,000 - this year it was in excess of 52,000.

Wrong, or what?

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You probably have a record number of replies. And quite rightly so. Count me in, I want to join your ranks - you are not alone.

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Please don't hurt Mao. There's no comedy on TV these days. We need this guy!!!!

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Can we make sure that Mr. Phillips is the first to contribute towards our party, with the £30 Membership form?