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I will NEVER embrace a religion that is so cruel by chopping off a person's hands for stealing or stoning a person to death for adultery. What sort of Religion or God is that? A God is supposed to be sympathy, understanding, forgiving and loving, not one to cause such inhumane punishment on its followers. Sometimes I wonder if he is actually God or something else.

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If Malaysia does not want foreigners to interfere with our affairs, our leaders should also do the same. Please stop interfering with the Myanmar government policies.

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Jamal, when are you going to take up the offer for a boxing match by a group of anti-Jamal protester? You can choose whichever martial arts you like ......... silat, tae kwan do, karate, boxing, etc etc. Up to you. Dare or not? Still waiting for your response. Takut ke? Kak kak kak ..........

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IGP takut because of tomorrow's court case.......... they know that the judge will order them to release her. So, save face lah.

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What a mentality. Just because of the word 'dog', the authorities refused the company a halal certificate. How to progress and keep up with the times?

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It's really good to see more and more kampung folks are being properly informed about the country's situation and have come to their senses that the Umno government have been lying to them all these years. There is light at the end of the tunnel for a change in government........ hopefully, in the next GE.

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Whose fault is it that you did not make the extra $$$ on such a day .......... YOURS! Anyone who runs a business will definitely take advantage to keep the business open when they know the crowd are all out there.

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Very true ....... if food businesses had kept being opened, they would have made a killing. It's their own fault for following stupid advice from stupid authorities. These show that they too do not have any business sense. No one to blame but themselves.

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Ismail Sabri said that halal products were also attractive to non-Muslims, whom he said associated the status with hygiene.......

Are you so sure? I don't give a damn whether the food is halal or not.

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Lim Guan Eng and Rosli Jaafar have already denied it, so now the ball is at your court to back up your allegations, Teng Chang Yeow. Proof it and show it to the public or you will be called a liar. We, Penangnites would like to know the truth.