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I actually look forward to buying a minivan. I have driven a Saturn VUE for 5 years now, and I like it, but we are planning on having a third child, and I am concerned about them fitting comfortably in the back seat. Also, the vehicle I drove when I learned to drive was a 1986 Plymouth Voyager, so I am pretty comfortable with minivans. My wife on the other hand, does NOT want to drive one.

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I'm sorry, but I am not familiar with that part of CR. What would be the no-brainer solution to crime in the area?

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Perhaps with their new system for commenting, KCRG will not feel the need to disable commenting as often as it has in the past.

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Freedom of Speech does not apply to this forum as this is privately run. The First Amendment prohibits the government from infringing on your speech. It says nothing about KCRG's ability to do so

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Nor do you have a Constitutional right to post anything in this forum. The ability to comment on these news stories only exists because KCRG wants to allow them. It is free to censor them in any way it feels necessary.

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I think koppeia's point was that opening more drilling in the US wouldn't have a great effect on the price of gas.

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Great. Now if I comment when I am supposed to be working, my boss may figure out I am wasting time at work.

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I would like people teaching any subject to be well-qualified to teach. Without a B.A. or better, who's to say these teachers would be properly versed in proper teaching methods for these subjects?

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Do you know for certain that those teachers who are making over $70,000 per year are just on a 9-month contract? They could be teaching in the summer as well, or have extra-curricular activities which lead to a higher salary.

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I admit that from the brief quote you gave, it does sound like it may be teaching a liberal point of view. However this article is about high school education, and you have cited no evidence that high school teachers are indoctrinating students in any political philosophy. Also, you didn't answer my question as to what "NEC" means.