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There comes my condo!
When there a demand then there is a supply. Nobody in their right would create a supply when there is no demand.

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Yes the most important question now is who is paying all those fro and to new zealand expenses and those lawyer fees??

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Majority voted the wrong side so all have to live till the next election.

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Those 5 whether they are from bukit aman or not better pack their bags and go home before those longhouses folks gather together! Fyi, they have air rifles, shot guns, parangs, spears and they know all the tracks in the jungle!

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A school with a teacher who only had primary education only, will have most if not all flock in their exam.
A school without a teacher won't even have classes.

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I was also wondering WHY israel in the middle of a war herself would claim malaysia is involved with hamas!
Why malaysia and not other country? Something is amiss here.

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Abdullah Daud not all keyboard warriors have the same thinking but most of them
The hamas instead of rebuilding palestine, they build tunnels and stockpile rockets ready for war right under the nose of the israelis without their knowing. This is a fact.
The only conclusion is the hamas is in revenge mode, has been and will be as long as they exist. If both the hamas and all the palestine people continue to have the same belief and does not change, the war will continue.
As for israel, they are no better than the hamas themselves but they have reach a stage where they becomes very dependable. Google why usa and a lot of european countries will continue to protect israel. Its all about $ and cents.
In fact, it was the israelis that created hamas in the first place years ago to handle arafat and the plo in palestine.
So as long as the hamas rules palestine, the palestine people will continue to suffer generations after generations.
Unless there is another group that realizes their teachings needs to change for the bettlement of the palestine people, war will still continue.
Right now if all the hamas are wiped out another group will surface and if they follow the same path, history will repeat itself.
Just look at iraq. Usa and her allies destroy saddam hussein and instead of making it a better place for the iraqi people they indirectly created isis! Naturally with so much hatred and past sufferings they develop a new religion. Definitely not islam anymore.

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One thing i know after surfing the net the hamas after 7 years there make themselves millionaire.

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Because the hamas are the wicked government ruling the palestine people. Lead them by the nose, using them old young and even children to dig tunnels to prepare to invade israel when the time comes. Buy fire cracker instead of missile from north korea when israel is developing the multi million iron dome with usa.
The palestine people must help themselves first by getting rid of the hamas before there is peace among themselves.