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Isn't it great that we have all the self-righteous bigots from both sides verbally bashing each other at every opportunity?
I suppose it's better than them shooting each other but, my God, it is so repetitive and boring. And, dare I say it, sad. I think I'm drawn to reading these postings as some form of metaphorical self- flagellation. I hate them but I'm fascinated by the depth of hatred and blinkered posturing. Wish the rain would go off until I get out. I definitely need to do that more often. Peace and love to all.

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Now, we wouldn't want to be intimidated by liberals would we? Why, imagine anyone campaigning for equal rights for all? Where would we be if these "loony lefties" (ALWAYS that phrase - but then again originality of thought is not one the right's strengths) had their wicked way and big business had to pay decent wages etc etc.? Oh yes, Ms Johansson, who the *$@& is she?

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Possibly, many like myself who would support their sentiments, were at work and unable to attend.

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It's where Iceland/ the Post Office is now at the end of Bridge Street.

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Catch yourself on. This is not Saudi Arabia - strange as it may seem.If there is potential for offence in attending a performance, then just don't go. BUT, do not ram your narrow-minded views down my throat and stop me from exercising my right to attend if I want. Interestingly, you managed to turn a debate on censorship into a rant about the "Belfast Agreement" and so forth. Go and get a life.

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I was at the MAC last night seeing an excellent production by a local theatre group. I sat surrounded by a large number of their (all female) supporters. Their idea of a great night out was to get "rat-arsed" drunk, talk at the tops of their voices to each other, up and down continually out of their seats to visit the toilets (they were all drinking pints of beer),sit playing with their mobile phones and shout, what they thought were funny, comments continually towards the stage. Despite several warnings and admonitions from staff and other audience members, the general response was that we were snobby c****. I had that said to my face several times. That was a good example of "working class involvement in the arts ruining the enjoyment of others.

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Paddy's a great ambassador for the sport and he's right, the amount of money put into this and other "minority" sports such as martial arts, is a disgrace. The NI Sports Council are an elitist mob, breathing the rarefied air of the Malone Road without a clue as to the sacrifices made by so many people on the ground to promote their sport. If it wasn't for the countless volunteers giving up large parts of their lives to get children off the streets, this place would be in an even worse mess than it already is.

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TJ - add Mount Gilbert (Shankill) and Castle High School (Fortwilliam) to your list. The first was run on a totally incompetent manner, failing pupils and parents alike. In the case of the latter, I might point out that "feelers" were put out to the pupils' parents regarding turning the school into an integrated place of learning. That was met with total opposition. The school then closed and the community lost its last post primary school. It is now the School of Music, catering for children from all communities.

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DEMOCRATIC Unionist Party - unfortunately the irony is lost on them.

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Barbara, define decent law-abiding citizen. I take it you mean the majority unionists who maintained a stranglehold power on this place for over 50 years. The decent law-abiding citizens who sent armoured cars onto the streets of Belfast to kill children. The decent law-abiding citizens must be those who yelled "Never!Never!Never!" when any form of compromise was even hinted at. You must also mean the unionist businessmen and politicians who, hiding behind a cloak of respectability, sat down with loyalist murderers and gangsters to plot the deaths of their fellow citizens.
Barabra, I consider myself a (very) decent (very) law-abiding citizen who accepts that, having lived through the past 40 years years of "troubles" and having witnessed some terrible things, I personally don't give two hoots who is in "power" as long as the place settles into some degree of normality.Unfortunately, rabble-rousers like yourself come out of the (rotten) woodwork every now and again in an attempt to stir the pot. Please crawl back under your stone and stay there.