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Let's hope nothing happens to Hannity...

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Obama is interested in crushing America under his "green thumb". He has no interest in domestic oil production. He has no interest in U.S. Nuclear energy production either. The Manchurian Candidate and his Energy Secretary from the Manchurian Province want you, the People of the United States, to live under a rock covered by "green algae". No oil, no gas, and no red meat. Michelle wants YOU to be a vegan too. So, when all of this sinks in and you finally get tired of "Hope and Change", maybe we can all agree on voting out this delusional aristocrat in November...

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Isn't Chu from the Manchurian Province too?

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Jay Carney would look good in a burka.

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Ugh right. Just what we need, an old angry white up on stage next to Obama. If Newt was consistent other than being angry, he'd have a shot. Smart he is. Easy to take apart on his record too...

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Unfortunately you are correct.

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Exactly. AND the fact that those Dems won't vote for Santorum in a general election. The truth is that the Dems don't want Romney as the Nominee. They'd love to run against Santorum....

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Your statement speaks volumes. You don't understand their sacrifice; their call to duty. Well paid? You're not serious. If you are, you're out of touch with reality. You claim to have served. I doubt it. If you did you found no valor. Pity, American blood spilt to give fools liberties they'll never comprehend...

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It's almost as if his entire past life was covered in a burka. Oops, did I just say that?