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Ron_Republican is from the Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan wing of the Republican Party when it comes to Israel, Steve. That should help you better understand all his posts.

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When Bill Clinton was President he made the comment that "Netanyahu speaks to me as though Israel was a nation of 320 million people and America was the nation of 7 million people." Fortunately, we now have a President who is not going to tolerate Netanyahu trying to control the foreign policy of the United States.

Barack Obama has increased aid to Israel every year he has been President, cooperation between American and Israeli intelligence agencies as well as the American and Israeli military is at is highest point in history, and Obama has protected Israel at the United Nations every single time. It was Obama that got the tough sanctions that forced Iran to the negotiating table. But yet, read any of the thousands of daily posts on Israeli media sites. They all continue to call Obama a Muslim out to destroy Israel.

If a Republican defeats Hillary Clinton in 2016 America's policy towards Israel will not change. Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and both George Bush's publicly stated that the settlements are illegal. (as did Carter, Clinton, and Obama)

If a deal is signed in June any Republican that says he will immediately undo it when elected President is damaging the full faith and trust the world has in America that signs agreements, treaties, and pacts. If Iran or any other country believes that America will renege on an agreement it was a signatory to then it is a waste of time for any country to negotiate with America.

For all those who hate Obama and believe everything is going to change in 2016 if a Republican wins be careful what you wish for. It's not going to happen and Barack Obama's first responsibility as President is to do what is best for America, not Israel, and any Republican who occupies the White House will do the exact same thing.

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While I fully support the President and Secretary of State Kerry the fact remains that there is no signed agreement between the United States and its allies and Iran and all the celebrations are over a framework, not a treaty and at present, nothing more than a pledge. There is nothing that obligates Iran to adhere to the terms and conditions of this framework.

The Republicans and Democrats who are concerned about this framework are justified in their concerns because Iran has been duplicitous in all its past dealings with the West, but they need to wait until June and see the actual Agreement that is signed by Iran before trying to scuttle this deal. If Iran signs what will be a more detailed Agreement then the Republicans and Democrats need to totally back off and allow the work that Secretary of State Kerry lobbied so hard for to proceed.

Iran is still fomenting problems across the Middle East and has aided Syria in killing more than 200,000 of its citizens, and has taken over Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq but a non nuclear Iran is still the best hope for Israel, America and the entire world.

Israel has genuine concerns because Iran's leaders continually call for its annihilation and have funded, armed and trained the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah as well as conducted terrorists acts around the world that have murdered hundreds of Israelis and Jews. However, an Iran without a nuclear bomb is still a major achievement and the President should be applauded.

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AIPAC has mastered fund raising and getting the vote out for politicians who support Israel. J-Street is not even close to being on the same level, and most members of Congress, except those on the far Left, are going to be leery of dealing with J-Street.

I believe that no one Jewish organization should have a lock on our lawmakers and that all voices in the Jewish community need to heard, and I also believe that at times AIPAC veers dangerously close to pushing agendas that are more in Israels interest than the interests of their own country, America, and this is something I have a lot of problems with.

J-Street may be reading American Jewish voters wrong. Yes, we are liberal about things such as the environment, abortion rights, gay marriage, healthcare, women's rights, etc. but when it comes to Israel most Jews that vote Democratic will not vote for a candidate that they perceive as being anti-Israel or highly critical of Israel. It is only the far Left that will.

It is true that there are members of the American Jewish community that support the boycott and divestiture movement but they are a tiny, tiny fraction of American Jews, even much less than the percentage of American Jews on the far Right.

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If David Ben Gurion was alive today he would be vilified by the current Netanyahu government as a left wing threat to Israel's security, the same way every single former head of the Shin Bet and Mossad who came out against Netanyahu before this election have been lambasted and called everything from traitors to self hating Jews have been vilified.

It should be frightening to every Jew in America and Israel that the right wing has now called former generals, former heads of Israel's security agencies, former Israeli Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, and Presidents traitors because they disagree with Netanyahu.

I was born two years after the establishment of the State of Israel. Back then Israel was called the land of milk and honey and a light unto nations. It is no longer. Israel was once a country that was admired and respected around the wworld. It is no more. Israel was once a land of hope and promise and dreams. It is no more. Perhaps some day it will be again but I am not hopeful.

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Netanyahu thinks he won a great victory, and he did....for the growing tsunami of the boycott and divestiture movement that is increasing tremendously not only in Europe but in America as well, for the possibility of a bi-national State, for the acceleration of Israel's pariah status all around the world, for the increasing isolation of Israel among millions more Americans, for the estrangement of Israel's Arab citizens due to his racist remarks, and for the chance for more war.

Israelis who lambast Obama cannot see the forest thru the trees. They need to look at what every single major newspaper all across America is now saying about their country. Obama did not lose, the Israeli people and the security and safety and future of Israel did when they re-elected Netanyahu.

If you think that America is the evangelicals and Fox News, and the Republicans who care only about you because of campaign donations they receive from AIPAC you will soon learn how very wrong you are. Ben Gurion must be weeping from Heaven seeing the destruction that Netanyahu has wrought. Any person who cares about Israel must be weeping along with Israel's founders. The light unto nations has gone dark.

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So now the right wing is calling Joe Biden, a man with a thirty five year history of being the most pro-Israel member of the Senate, an anti-semite, just as they characterized John Kerry, a Senator with a thirty year record of being pro-Israel. Where does it say in the dictionary that an anti semite is someone who does not agree with Netanyahu???

It's the right wing that is desperate and you can see this in their attempts and the comments posted on Israeli media sites to call every American who opposes the current government in Israel an anti-semite and every Israeli who opposes Netanyahu's saber rattling and rush to war with Iran a traitor. I guess that means two former Israeli Prime Ministers, three former heads of the Mossad, two former heads of the Shin Bet, and the former Foreign Minister and former President as well as prominent generals in the IDF are all traitors.

Can Israelis see what their Prime Minister is doing to their country? He is turning millions of your friends in America against you and accelerating the boycott and divestiture movement around the world which will surely grow much more powerful if Netanyahu wins next month.

The biggest threat to Israel is not Iran, Hamas, ISIS, or Hezbollah. It's the self aggrandizing, pompous, egotistical, war mongering I want to be Prime Minister for life Bibi Netanyahu. No other Israeli Prime Minister in history has poisoned the special relationship Israel has had with the American public as much as Netanyahu has.

Wake up Israel! At the rate you are calling everyone who does not agree with Netanyahu an anti-semite or self hating Jew you will soon be really and truly alone with no friends anywhere in the world.

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I highly doubt if an opera about the murders of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown that gave the side of George Zimmerman or the policeman in Ferguson would be allowed to be performed. I doubt that any play that was anti gay or called global warming and climate change a hoax would be allowed to be performed, but yet, when it comes to Israel and Jews justification for the barbaric acts of sociopaths who murder innocent Israelis on busses, restaurants, night clubs, shopping malls, and schools are prevalent and anything that can justify and explain why innocents are murdered that gives the murderers more sympathy than the victims of their barbarity is a disgrace.

On college and university campuses across America Israeli speakers, from all sides of the political spectrum, are shouted down and not allowed to speak. But yet, when an anti Israel individual wants to speak they are welcomed with open arms.

Leon Klinghoffer was a sick, elderly Jew confined to a wheelchair. He was murdered and his body was thrown overboard and this act of total depravity and barbarity does not justify any attempt to portray the grievances of his murderers on a public stage.

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There is something terribly wrong when terrorism and barbarity are glorified. This opera should be protested and if there is any human decency left in our world the theater should consist of row after row of empty seats. Murdering a sick old man who is wheelchair bound and throwing his body into the ocean is an act of moral depravity no less than the horrible beheadings carried out by ISIS and Al Queda. Sadly, when it comes to the Israeli Palestinian conflict the far left has only excuses, justifications, and absurd explanations for terrorism.

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After the three Israeli teens were kidnapped and murdered Israel arrested 500 Palestinians, most of whom still are in prison. Ten Palestinians were killed during the operation including a ten year old boy. None of the ten Palestinians that were killed by Israeli forces were brandishing a gun, a knife, or a weapon except stones. In Gaza over 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed by the IDF but there is zero remorse on the Israeli side. Yes, Hamas is a terrorist organization no different than Hezbollah, Al Queda, or ISIS and most people would have had no problem if the overwhelming majority of casualties were Hamas terrorists. In Operation Cast Lead almost six years ago Israel admitted that of the 1,500 Palestinians killed 471 were innocent civilians. Do their lives have no meaning or only do Israeli lives matter?

We have known for a long time that there is no concern on the Palestinian side for innocent Israeli’s who are murdered in suicide bombings and terrorists attacks but Israel is supposed to be a moral democracy and the truth is that just as much as the Palestinians deligitimize and dehumanize all Israelis so do the Israelis deligitimize and dehumanize all Palestinians. For the Israeli Ambassador to America to go on television and claim that Israel should receive the Nobel Prize for how the Israeli army has behaved is shameful.

Post after post on Israeli media sites the past three weeks say that Israel should flatten all of Gaza and kill more thousands of people. Somehow, Israelis have the fantasy that the people of Gaza will blame Hamas for Israeli bombs and tank shells that are destroying their homes and killing their children. The constant refrain about a two State solution is that “there are 21 Arab States the Palestinians can move to” despite the fact that the Palestinians were born In the West Bank and pre 1967 Israel. Should the Palestinians tell sabras to go to America where there are more Jews?

The sad truth is that there will never be peace because both sides see the other side as less than human. Israelis looks at Palestinians and see terrorists and the Palestinians look at Israelis and see a people taking more and more of their land. The Palestinians are not going anywhere and neither are the Israelis and there will either be a two State solution or apartheid and the killing on both sides will go on and on and on.