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DBKL is completely hypocritical in claiming it wants to keep KL green. When it comes to money, anything goes - they want to turn a well used public park into a condo complex. This is totally unacceptable.

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Presumably, Malaysians can now expect that these same Putrajaya representatives will now come back to Malaysia and start dismantling all the discriminatory policies by the government religious authorities against the LGBT community. If they do not remove the discriminatory policies, they have just perjured themselves at a UN body meeting.

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The problem with the unsold real estate is even worse with commercial property and catastrophic with retail space. All three real estate groups may tank at the same time, which will be a challenge for banks. Yet, DBKL is racing to develop any remaining patches of green space by giving it away to developers. The whole situation is quite perplexing.

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It is time to limit corporal punishment in school. The worst abuse is in the religious schools and boarding schools. The potential abuse is so high that we have even seen teachers get away with murder. School is about cooperation, respect, and learning. This is not achieved with intimidation.

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A sad day in Malaysia. Corruption wins again in our country.

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Who funds these organizations like PUM? I certainly hope not a cent of government money goes to them.

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PUM's actions are the best justification to show why Malaysia needs to be a secular country

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As Rakyat of Malaysia, we are continually seeing the powerful people trampling on the rights of the people. How could a judge side with a big developer of luxury condos against the people trying to protect a park? This is unfair. And asking the public to pay RM40K to the developer shows the true colors of the power structure at play here to protect their interests.

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It will make us proud to showcase Malay culture and intellectual thought. I do hope this includes the richness of the culture and intellectualism that existed prior to the introduction of Islam in the Malay peninsula.

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Is our PM saying that the largest university system in Malaysia - UiTM will be open to Malaysians of Indian descent? If not, this whole discussion is missing the point. The statistics of 3% or 7% do not count UiTM. UiTM enrols over 200,000 students in Malaysia. This is what we should be opening up to all Malaysians.