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Why not just call them what they are: the INjustice department and the department of UNdefense.

mark aleshnick,
Okinawa, Japan

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I was taught to expect more from a rabbi, but through the years, I've found that they usually know less than their DEDICATED congregants. rabbi feinstein says: In reply to “What’s Netanyahu Really Afraid Of?” by Muhammad Sahimi, May 20, 2009:

Muhammid Sahimi’s article, “What’s Netanyahu Really Afraid Of” is so far away from truth and fact that it doesn’t merit placement in any objective media. To use as a talking point “what Israel did in Gaza in December and January” without even mentioning the reason for the incursion is in the politest of terms “horsehockey.” How long must an independent nation suffer repeated rocket attacks on their civilian population before taking necessary steps to stop it? As far as Iran ’s nuclear enrichment program, “Bibi” said it best. “When someone says he is going to kill you, believe him.”

Rabbi Jeffery Feinstein

Maybe if the good rabbi would spend less time parsing words and studying begats and begats, he might come across this reality:

It, also, might behoove the food rabbi to look at these facts (Although they are NOT facts on the ground, they are nevertheless FACTS):

The last rabbi stationed here was forced to leave the island with his tail between his legs when the congregants found that, I, a lay person understood the Talmud better than he did.

There's a vacancy for a myopic rabbi awaiting on this island if you'd like a refresher course in reality, rabbi.

mark aleshnick
Okinawa, Japan

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As Mr. Worthington (and You, Scott) point out early in the interview, I am sick and tired of all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about republican'ts. In reality, it is those so called liberals to whom my anger and righteous indignation are even more directed.

They played the game of complicity with the bush administration, as well as any loyal republican't.

Then when they got the chance they elected a new liar in chief, who immediately from his cabinet appointments was playing a game of deceit. Even before his election he was sucking up to the ultimate cretin, joe lieberman, and soon thereafter, taking his cue from the israelis.

And now with the majorities, they claimed they needed to bring change, the change they've brought is change that only a blind, deaf, dumb, handcuffed moron could believe in (no disrespect towards morons intended, nor handcuffed persons.).

Who in the heck are they to dictate policy to america which supports their genocide to the tune of $3 billion a year (that we know of)?

I'd like to see the israelis deported to Brooklyn, where they'd feel much more at home with the chassids who run the houses of prostitution (I lived in Brooklyn and saw their squalid hypocrisy), and as for obama and crew, impeachment should be off the table, and they, along with the previous administration, belong in the Hague to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

mr. constitutional lawyer must have been in the back of the school, rolling spliffs during class hours.

mark aleshnick
Okinawa, Japan

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obama is a deceiving liar, but what is the difference between shrub saying "Bring 'em on," and ms. palin saying "Hang "em high?"

True, the dumbocrats are the party of complicity, expediency and half truths, but the republican'ts are truly neanderthals.

america/israel rogue nations breathing their last breaths and trying to bring the world down with them.

mark aleshnick
Okinawa, Japan

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Paul Craig Roberts comments: "The answer is that the United States is an immoral country, with an immoral people and an immoral government. Americans no longer have a moral conscience," which I feel is true but somewhat understates the reality and the depths of depravity.

The business of america is war - is, has been, and always will be.

Until the world brings the governments of israel and america before the International Court, NOTHING will change.

mark aleshnick

Okinawa, Japan

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israekies = israelis

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Send joe lieberman and the rest of the genocidal myopic israekis to brooklyn where he and the rest of the they will feel right at home running the houses of prostitution ( and partaking of the "pleasures" of their enterprise), where they so righteously belong.

a shundah und a charpeh, all.

mark aleshnick
Okinawa. Japan