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The calendar and search features may be redundant. I'm not much a fan of 3 columns, but that's just me. It would be funny to have Butters from South Park in his 'Professor Chaos' outfit in the header.

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yup, got genius level too. I think it's to blame on my wikinomics post

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yeah, blanket statements with an absolute decree are always subject to scrutiny.

That's basic to the principles of good rhetoric.

(unless you're face to face and purposely inciting conflict for fun)

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Usability is a key element of product development in the Testing & Validation phase. Feedback and some testing should be solicited within the development phase as well, so as to minimize the cost of rework and increase the speed to market.

And usability testing isn't that difficult either; it can be a simple process carried out two mornings every few months like Krug advocates, and review results over lunch. I think the punchline is to defeat that pesky Curse of Knowledge