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Faithful Reader No. 9 checking in. - Another great post! and Kudos on getting Dave to join you at Verge.

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see you there!

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I'm rather new to the entire circle of catalyst and even reading this blog, but over the last eight months or so I've tuned in to Andy and following much of the work coming out of the NorthPoint community. Enjoyed the book Stanley co-authored 'Communicating for a Change' and look forward to diving into the new one. Read most of my books on the kindle, but a paper is always nice. I have yet to make it to a catalyst event, but have seen much of what goes on through online videos and following people who twitter about it. Ive enjoyed many of his marriage and family series and follow via my twitter @imarriage.

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'i can go fast alone, we can go far together' -african proverb

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I have a wetoku account too!

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I highly recommend this book and while you're at it pick up his newer book Cracking the Communication Code. The DVD series is also awesome. Can't say enough good things about the Eggerichs. :) -@imarriage

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I'm sure I'll be hearing more about this book. Just started following your blog and have bought 3 books you recommended. Slideology, E-Myth, and Hole in our Gospel. All 3...awesome. So, I look forward to this one too.

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$9 can't beat that. :)

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oh snap...this is amazing!

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been times, it seems like I can't get every the most simple things right.
marriage is tough work, but it's the right kind of work.