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Thanks Angela... yeah the DC comment was interesting.

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Yes. it is. The Judge was not at CPAC this year.

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Yes, I know. I was the one who said the quote right after Trump said what he said... Rand's was a bit different a bit later.

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Thanks Austin. Keep up the great work on the show!

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Good day to you as well, Dave. Thanks for the comments. I'm sorry that a disagreement on a political issue can lead you to this end. I welcome your right to discriminate against me and my blog by "showing" me "the door".


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Putting in earmarks at his constituent's request allows his constituent's to get some of the money back that they paid in federal taxes for projects that directly benefit them. This is part of his job as a representative. Putting in earmarks does not increase spending one bit. It's just allocating money that is going to be spent somewhere and somehow.

And no wonder Obama supports a ban on earmarks.. if there is a ban then all that already allocated money goes directly to the Executive Branch to spend. Earmarks make up less than 2% of the budget. It's one of the last areas where Congress can hold on to their Constitutionally demanded power of the purse. Instead, supporting a ban on earmarks means you must support giving even more power and money to the Executive Branch. I can't support that even if the false messiah, as you call him, did not softly support them like he does.

On term limits... well he's been there a long time and during his time he's introduced and voted for many term limits bills. He did not term-limit himself though and if that makes him a hypocrite... well... on that issue you may have a point. Of course, if someone is going to be a hypocrite on term limits I'd want them to all be true Constitutionalists like Paul.

And... to really institute term limits we'd need a Constitutional Amendment anyway. Getting 75% to agree to pass an Amendment to put themselves on the unemployment line is unlikely to happen, but I can bet you one thing... Ron Paul would likely vote for that amendment.

I woke up a long time ago. Now I'm just waiting for the rest of you to come along.


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You mean actions like voting AGAINST every single one of these earmarks that are not "SNUCK" into anything. They are completely transparent.

Yea... I'll take those actions every single time.

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Thanks Jane,

This has been fixed. Sorry about that.

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Good point... me too. How could I forget about Woods?