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Great idea! I've already started the referrals.

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Really great post. This is a topic near and dear to me. I’ve learned a lot from making close to every mistake one can make on both sides of the mentoring fence. I’ve found that finding great mentors is a challenge, but assuming you’ve found the right advisors, engaging them in meaningful ways is the real essence. I’ve learned that it takes a significant commitment to develop a meaningful mentor/entrepreneur relationship. (Even if they are in the heart of your space, they still need to know you, and the subtleties of your business.) Entrepreneurs typically have little time, so they have to thoughtfully allocate it, and it’s difficult to sometimes rationalize putting in the time necessary to cultivate an advisor when there are so many other pressing issues. Also, a good mentor understands that he/she can’t just start “mentoring” immediately.

A mutually rewarding relationship needs to develop over time, with both parties respecting each other. I’ve learned (as an entrepreneur) that it’s important to listen to quality advice and act on it whenever practical, and provide good feedback to the mentor(s). Mentors become engaged and vested when they see that their energy is productive. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen mentors take on an “ownership” position when they feel vested. It’s really amazing and incredibly satisfying as an entrepreneur when your advisors start to “believe,” and commit emotionally by introducing you to their network, provide money, access, and all the other cool things. I can also personally attest to how satisfying it is, as a mentor, to see my advice and perspective applied in tangible ways. It works all the way around.

find “good’ mentors

educate them

listen to them

implement advice when practical/possible


I agree that entrepreneurs can develop lifelong relationships with their mentors. One of my early mentors passed away over the summer, and I think about him almost daily.

There you go. My two cents………….

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I don't know if most Outlook users are on exchange. I'm not. I've been using Biz-e for a few months and find it very helpful. I have no business interest in the Company, just a happy user.