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Hi Brad,

Just a touch of clarification:

There's a bit more complexity to how the BlogRovR statistics come to be.

When a new user registers and downloads BlogRovR thery're offered bundles of blogs in various areas thet may be interested in, to start them off. Feld Thought's is in the tech bundle, cause we read you and we're always enlightened by your musings.

For those who accept the default bundle EXPLICITLY, they're counted as a subscriber. Now, that is what might happen in google reader as well. But in reader, they might well never return and read his blog. How many feeds in your feedreader to you never actually read? That's a form of "inflated" count as well.

What's really novel and cool about BlogRovR, it's sole reason for existing, is that whenever a RovR user visits any page on the web that Brad has written ABOUT, or the page of some other notable blogger who also is writing about something you, Brad, have written about, they get to see your post immediately, right there! I think this makes them an even more engaged and valid reader than all but the small minority of readers who regularly consume all the content on your site.

So, I don't agree that our stat is "very wrong.". It is certainly a bit "different;" its not exactly comparing apples and oranges, but RSS and similar technologies lead to novel forms of consumption which aren't always readily capture by the simple "subscriber" concept of a newspaper.

Are the wildflowers out yet, Brad? I'm pining for for a long hike out there.


Marc Meyer

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