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Finally! someone who has the same passion as i do. i plan on attending the tea party in my area but am ready to go to washington. we absolutely need a million poeple or more to flood washington with a peaceful demonstration to have our voices heard. I'm sick of being ignored, i've written my congressman, sentors, and they all reply back to me with a form letter that doesn't even come close to answering or addressing any my concerns. they don't listen and they don't care, but i will not be distracted off course and i will not be silenced. this is not left wing or right wing this is a serious abuse of power and will lead us into the depths of hell that most "trained" americans refuse to imagine. they figure "this is the way it is" and the government will swoop in and save us. get real, wake up. the numbers of members in this forum should be in the millions not 344,000. poeple have lost all passion for standing up for what is right. i hope this rallying of poeple will not cease when the tea parties are over and i want poeple not to give up or give in we need to to more at all cost to insure we are heard. thank you

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I want to be heard! can we organize a large scale protest march on washington dc? get mainstream media attention? If we don't take back the country soon it will be to late. I'm so frustrated i can't sleep at night and I want our voice to be heard.

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1.A fair flat tax system 2. term limits 3. give the power back to the states.