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I recently went on a similar quest (I love the way that Benefit They're Real! makes my lashes look but it is IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OFF and also $24) and I've landed on Maybelline Full'n'Soft which is like $6 (or $4 on Amazon as an add-on) and can be found everywhere. It's a more natural look but it's buildable and definitely doesn't clump. Also comes in waterproof, but haven't tried it.

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Seconding NYX - was surprised you were the first person to mention it! Long lasting, not drying, great texture, easy to apply ETC ETC ETC. Ulta is doing BOGO half off all NYX lip products right now, also!

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WHAT this is actually one of the most bonkers things I have ever heard

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You guys I haven't even read the link roundup yet today but I just have to share the ad that's showing up for me on this page I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP:

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reverse-Google Image search AKA my new favorite thing says: Circe by Wright Barker

(if you have Google Chrome all you have to do is right click the image and say "Search Google for this image" and then POOF omg the internet is magic guys I am not being sarcastic I just figured this out)

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I encountered a guy masturbating in a driveway not far from my house in a "safe" neighborhood at like 7 pm on a random weeknight (it wasn't even dark out!). Luckily he didn't come near me, but it was jarring and definitely made me feel uncomfortable when walking around for a LONG time after that. I would second the advice to call the non-emergency number - when my roommate and I did that, they increased patrol cars in the neighborhood. Seeing them drive by frequently made me feel a little more comfortable.

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more importantly, how do I become an award-winning newsreader??

(Googling has led me to understand that "newsreader" is really just another word for news presenter/anchor. WHY CAN I NOT BE AWARDED FOR BEING GOOD AT READING THINGS ON THE INTERNET)

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this is probably not super helpful, but mine was 100% covered through my insurance (aside from office co-pay). I was under the impression that what with the new preventative care coverage business that was the case for everyone. I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise!

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So I think I may be going through preliminary breakup time with my longtime (4 year) partner? And I'm weirdly calm about it but also have this funny feeling in my stomach all the time... but it's been so long since I've been single and I'm kind of excited for it, and I just wish this had happened starting in JANUARY instead of right before stupid Thanksgiving which I'm going to be spending with their family.

Any recommended reading or anything that has helped y'all get through a big life change like this? Because I haven't actually dealt with one before and I'm not really sure how it's gonna go.