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She will be in court in about an hour.

10:10 AM
Circuit Court
120532322 State v Chavez Ashley
2241292-1 Arraignment / Manslaughter-2 / Felony
/ Fail Perf Drive Duties/Ser Inj
/ Tamper W/Phys Evidence

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Desiree's lawyer is a good choice. He is one of the best in the N.W.
IMO he is a better lawyer, by far, than Terri's lawyer.

A civil suit is much easier to prove than a criminal case. This is a smart move.

The burden of proof rests on the plaintiff. Unlike criminal trials, where the state must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, in a civil trial the plaintiff must prove his case via a preponderance of the evidence, which is an easier standard to meet.

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Talks about the connection between Kyron's case and the cop shooter.....

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Reporters. Let the family grieve for Christ sake..

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What happened to Americans supporting each other? This young couple is not welfare mama having 5 kids all with different donors. I'm sure everything will work itself out and with a new baby on the way, money is the last thing that should be on the new parent's minds. Best wishes for your new bundle of joy. Your life is about to change in the biggest and best way.

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Isnt QFC at the top of the hill? Looks like the body was found on the side of the road, going downhill. If the car hit the woman, going the direction downhill, then how could a witness see them at the top of the hill damaged? How credible is the witness? Are they trying to throw off police by saying they saw a "green" honda and two women fighting/while drunk? Now detectives know that the car is black (story not matching up) from locating actual pieces of he wreckage where the body was found. Could it be that the caller was a friend of the actual person that hit the woman, maybe that is why no one can co me forward and id this car with major damage. I don't know, but I just have a feeling that police should look closely into the witness' story.....because it doesn't seem to add up.

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I proudly didn't vote for him (my husband did though....and yes we are surprisingly still married haha)

PS. For those of you thinking about voting that way again....."If we don't vote him out of office...we are going to get our butts handed to us in a bucket by Iran and China too!"

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These little thug wannabes' are out past curfew. Foster area police should be patrolling the MAX stops on the weekends looking for large underage black gangs. They are just getting their feet wet in a lifetime of criminal behavior. Their donors probably taught them the tricks of the trade "we are still owed"........

Police should take the video to local grade/middle schools. Most likely these kids took the MAX in from NE PDX. Look at the alternative schools first.....

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Read what the Oregonian wrote about him in 2009. No longer avail on the site, but someone posted here.

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Don't people value their privacy now-a-days? My friends keep telling me to join Facebook, but I refuse. I keep in touch the old fashion way, by email or phone. I know that there is no such thing as complete privacy currently; we are all on the radar, somewhat. However, you can go to great lengths to protect it. If you haven't seen your profile on, I suggest you check it out. It's a bit scary how much they know about you and your life, on. I had all my information removed from the site; it used to be easy, however the website has made it harder for people to remove their own personal, private information.

Also, you know what is scary...Facebook has launched a new tracking element to their social network. They are now tracing your moves; and they are collecting data that tells the world everything about you that is posted somewhere on Facebook.