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Unless they can make money from it.

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+1 for the monty python reference.

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It's a human fetus, i draw the line at birth. before birth-fetus, after birth-human being. just because a woman chooses to call a fetus a baby doesn't make it so, you can call a child an adult all you want but it doesn't make it so.

i don't need to dehumanize anything in order to kill
my taking of any life is governed by the laws of nature, kill for food, kill to protect yourself, offspring,family, ect.

no need to, twocats was nice enough to explain it for me. it may be appropirate here but it doesn't apply to me as i don't feel guilt.

where did you get the adoption facts from? not that i'm trying to discredit them, i would just like more information as to why so few are allowed to adopt.

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Now there's a work ethic for ya.

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Ahh, cool, i've learned something new today, thanks kitty.

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That doesn't make it right and is reason enough to not vote them/him in.

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i call them idiots

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The same can be said about bush voters....

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haven't you heard Ann, it's cool to be a sheep, all the cool kids are doing it..........

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For the life of me i can't understand why PCI is so intent on closeing 2nd ave. there are many other options to closeing it but PCI seems heII bent on geting the road closed.