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Tough battle last night. Waianae came out hard and played lights out as I expected but as time went on the Red machine wore them out and got the W. Hats off to the Pride of the West Side and I know we will meet again later this year. Keep your heads up cause you guys are a very good team. As for my Red Raiders, enjoy the win today and move forward with the new week and improve and tweak to get better. Stay humble and continue to do your thang. RRFL

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Defense wins Championships. We were the better team last night and lets enjoy it. Boys need to make sure you are qualified to play on the next level and get an education too. Great job to the coaches, fans and especially the players...GO BIG RED. To the STLouis players, keep your heads up, you guys are an awesome team loaded with talent, keep your heads up and continue to move forward and do yourselves, your family and kalaepohaku proud like those before you did. See you all next season.

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Good luck to both of these storied programs. Hope they both play hard and clean and that there are no injuries to any of the student athletes involved. Go BIG RED!!!

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I agree that Mililani did move the ball but that's to be expected early in the game. Big Red was making adjustments and would have put pressure constantly where a freshman qb would not be able to handle. Also, the refs allowed way too much illegal chopping against the Red O line which is why they did not move the ball as efficiently as against the former competition. I am glad that Mililani continues to get the press because if things work out the way I feel it will (with my crystal ball), we will meet again in the final and will have to "prove" once again that the country school with a small total population can hang with the "larger" schools that have the opportunities our players have less of. Good luck and cant wait to play in the tournament. We will be ready.

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Tough hard fought game from two storied tough programs and communities. Hold your heads up Farrington, you played lights out and get ready for next year whether here or on the next level. Waianae played a smart game and will play a tough Balwin squad looking to prove they belong with the OIA elite. Good Luck in the states. Likely to meet up in the Semi's and looking forward to another hard fought match. GO BIG RED...

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GO BIG RED...Way to work hard and win that ship JV....Cheeeeehoooooo.

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I do not think it will be competitive for long. I mean, the first quarter maybe even the first half may stay close and then Kahuku will pull away from Mililani. Kahuku can score as fast running as many of the passing teams can score against us (Kapolei a great example). If our secondary plays tighter on the line and let the LB's float and read more than blitz to take away the shorts, I do not see Mililani being very effective in any of their phases of the game. If Kahuku misses tackles and are penalized lots, Mililani will have a chance at winning. I hope Milton is rested so that we can meet for the state championship an make it an all OIA affair. Tired of hearing how good the ILH are and how unfair it is to only have one team in the states. Go BIG RED.

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Lets go BIG RED. Cant wait for this game to finally happen. Lets not look past Mililani as they will be the best team we play thus far and with Milton back, maybe even the best team we meet up for states as well. Good luck to both teams. Play hard, play clean and play with pride. GO BIG RED!!!!

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Cant wait for this Friday to see the battle between Mililani and my Red Raiders. I feel the only way that Mililani wins is if Kahuku has tons of penalties and the refs help Mililani with no calls of chopping. I understand that you aren't allowed to chop when out of the shotgun formation not just when a blocker is engaged with another defender (is this correct scoring live?) I don't see Mililani being able to stop the rush and see Dillon running for his life much of the game as they have not seen a ferocious defense as the red sea will bring this Friday. With all that being said, good luck to the Trojans and see you all at the game. Enjoy the hits coming your way. RRFL

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Excitement is in the air. The knowledge of tough games ahead is when it is all worth the games which you celebrate the easier win but at the same time feel for the opponent that was clearly over matched. Good luck to all the teams and see you all at the stadium for the next month or so. Lets cheer positively for our teams instead of heckling and jeering the opposing teams. Be good sports and let the players play, the coaches coach and yes, even let the refs ref even when they seem to be working against your team. GO BIG RED!!!!!!!