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13 years ago @ 9 to 5 Mac | Apple Int... - Watch out Instapaper: ... · 0 replies · +1 points

Thankfully Instapaper's been around for a while and has released enough versions that the system is very elegant now. From the way you can share your articles with a selection of services (5 including ones like Pinboard and Evernote), the in app integration with features like "post using Twitter App" if you have it on your phone, and its very simple but functional social sharing.

I see this feature providing what most of the non-power users will want, a simple way to read articles for later. The power users will stick with Instapaper or RIL, and you'll probably never see Safari bloating itself with all the features either of the 2 former include.

I'm curious of something like this also signals is a "Readability" like feature on mobile Safari.

14 years ago @ GreyWardens.Com - Drag... - Newbie Guide · 2 replies · +2 points

Pretty useful. Do you think these apply across all platforms equally? I've been hearing that on xbox/ps3 it's less strategy focused than on the PC version.

14 years ago @ Rypple Blog - The Triumph of Good En... · 1 reply · +1 points

Nice. I don't think many businesses have actually praised this approach until after their product was finished, successful, and they could say it in hindsight..

What happens though when an iPod Nano provides a cheap, dirty video product as well? It's a "dirty-general" product, but does Flip then compete on being a "dirty-specific" product? It seems like "good enough" can work very well when you're competing against the old traditional guys, but we haven't seen dirty vs. dirty competition happen yet (if you have any examples I'd love to hear them).

I'll ask then, who will be Rypple's iPod Nano?

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I like "Twitter will hammer Yammer". It just rolls off the tongue.

Infrastructure totally. Spam system I don't see as something that needs a real large investment (but it would be nice).

Number 2 sounds likely as well, if you were going into the enterprise market would you sell them on Twitter, then tell them to use a bunch of 3rd party unsecure/untrusted services to handle all the rich media interactions and mobile access? Probably not. They would probably want it to all be branded "Twitter".

14 years ago @ Open Mode - Turn Anything Into a S... · 0 replies · +1 points

Thanks for the comment Craig

This idea about the extra layer may be something to think about then, because I already have planned another blog post on this idea of this "layer" that's being added. I'm hoping this next post will help reveal this layer that not only Posterous is helping to define, but other services as well which I'll examine.

The idea that the directness I described being valuable in also discovery is great as well. To think about that for a moment, we can move our analytics away from the elements of our translation or other things we needed to do to be able to communicate what we wanted, and now take a direct look at the objects themselves.

If that's too far off from what you meant let me know, because it seems like something that will be foundational to a blending of stream-like publishing and media-centric sharing.

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Wow, some of these wallpapers... quite good. Although while they are good as graphics, a lot of them are really too active to be used as wallpapers.

Thanks for putting together this collection though!

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Yup, that's certainly a barrier whenever it comes to a company "saying" anything. But the beauty about monitoring and listening is that you can do as much listening as possible and not affect anything.

Of course depending on how good or bad your monitoring is and the insights to get from it, the action you take could lead you to success or grind you to dust!

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Oh ya, one more thing, you're missing out if you don't already know about another web service called Rypple that deals in getting feedback from friends and colleagues.

14 years ago @ - Giving Effective Feedback · 3 replies · +1 points

Good job with everything Rohan. The post and the blog both look good (albeit a bit red).

One question I have is where are these or ideas from? Are they primarily based on personal experience or are they lessons taken from books on business communication?

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Well, what did you buy?