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By 2021, they can. And there's extra silicone cover to protect the protruded camera, only at RM499.

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Hope it's not another hype like lenovo Z5, teasing with no notch no chin but ended up having both.

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Just leave out the "affordability" in your comparison in the future, it's so irrelevant these days, nobody can't afford an iphone except 18-year-old students, most adults could cash pay at least one if not few, every month, we're just comparing its intrinsic value. I rather buy 4 poco F1 than 1 iphone, for its value. And it's extremely childish equating iphone to financial status, only childish people do that. If the next iPhone has better features, i may reconsider it again, that simple

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When anyone said who can't afford iphone, in some ways, it shows that iphone user is extremely... or quite poor, financially speaking, there's a reason he kept reminding himself how "rich" this iphone makes him look

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Lol. Trillion-dollar-apple still figuring how to make in-display fingerprint scanner..., they'll phone call vivo and buy this share copyright tech, it's how this cash-rich giant become the world-class tech company

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I have zero emotion on who resigned or got appointed. Plz roll out 500mbps at RM100 on 8th, this may shed a tear or two.

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Of course, this Fearmongering tactic being used in many past elections, and it worked everytime, just by smearing DAP without any solid evidence behind these plays of fear factor.

But... thanks to the globalization and internet age, will the people still be blindly conceived to your statement, like we all did 5 or 10 years ago?

Good luck, nice try. :)

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But it's not something to take great pride in, when we're comparing ourselves - Asean, as an entity, while others as their own sovereign countries.

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“But there are some things for example, even if it is considered maksiat (vice) in the eyes of Allah, we cannot report.” This statement only adds more confusion to Act 355.

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We all know the truth, just nobody speaks up the obvious out loud.
Most people in Msia still troubled by the childish idea that their welfare will be disincentivized if politics were to be involved by certain ethnic. This factor scares a large group of people more than the country being led by some corrupted leaders.