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It was Bonamici and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that took the gloves of first. The DCCC launched the early attack ad on TV and kept it there. On Saturday morning, the DCCC delivered a bulk mailing of a glossy flyer depicting Cornilles as a slick used car salesman. They took a few of his comments out of context and built an argument around them. And, while were on this subject, are used car salesmen any more despised than lawyers?

It's time for Cornelles to use all the tools at his disposal. Up until now, he has run a gentleman's campaign. Team Bonamici doesn't appreciate it when their tactics are used against them. I hope to God she doesn't get elected. We've got the worst politicians that money can buy.

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Your headline is most misleading. He is being ridiculed by the extremest fringe element. Greenfield does not speak for many Republicans. 90% of the Republicans are rock solid for Rob Cornilles. I can't wait to see the results of the Primary.

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They could make a TV movie out of this one!

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The three-headed ones are especially tasty this time of year.

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If she/he is hot, there is a good likelihood that someone is going to get aroused. It's the stimulus-response thing.
So, knowing that, wouldn't the naked person be breaking the law?

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Such courage! NOT

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It isn't immediately known where they're from??? Take a guess and call the INS.

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We've let so many of these scum into our country. Why wasn't he deported under the California penal system?

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Why didn't they arrest him? He should be on the hook for 35K plus all the expense of arresting him.
On the other hand, what he put in the city's water can't be any worse than the runoff from Mt. Tabor. So, why waste all that water?

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Orange suits him well. About three year's worth of orange, I reckon.