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That's good right? Maybe? What are the numbers on the other episodes I don't even know.

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That is the BEST pinkie voice I have ever heard.

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Whoa whoa whoa, this seems way too intelligent for a late night post. This should be replaced with a gif or something.

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I wish we could have some early digital releases as well, usually itunes is good for this but they aren't delivering.

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I absolutely agree with you, the micro series seems off to me. There are a lot of things people are disregarding that really bothered me, RD being a celebrity type character the "rainbow definitely not zap apples", the 20% and brohoof things. It just seems like this story isn't based off of the cannon at all and the people behind it did their research through a poorly written Wikipedia article. Like sure, they got some of the character aspects correct but those seem to be dense caricatures of what we see in the show. I respect the work they put into it, and I plan on continuing to give each one a shot as they do seem to be slightly improving but they have huge issues. Writing aside I understand that they have a large project to push through in a small amount of time, but some of the panels really lack refinement for instance this one . I'm only focusing on the negative, but that is what stuck out the most to me. So yeah, you aren't alone and I know for a fact others share a similar sentiment but from what it seems a lot of that is hidden here.

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That's actually really funny

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These are awesome, although I do hope they have less PMV filler this time around.

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It wasn't as self hating as normal, more off the wall weird than anything. Ended on a more widely accepting note IMO

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That Twilight looks like she might have wings! But Twilight doesn't have wings! Who could it be?!

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I can't wait for this episode to come and go so people calm down.