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"Little girls' show."

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A Diamond Tiara redemption was even less expected than Discord, seriously.

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This is some of the best writing and characterization the show has seen in a long time.

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Getcha hype train tickets

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Shoulda been a two-parter. Awesome episode, but seemed a bit rushed.

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Somewhat. I'm pretty introverted, I prefer solitude, being alone with my thoughts, pursuit of knowledge out of personal interest, but not because of a past friendship gone wrong or anything, I'm just built that way. I prefer a small circle of close friends I can trust more deeply, rather than a bunch of interchangeable drinking buddies. At the end of the day, I guess I'm closest to Twilight.

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Stop with the fucking Idiot Plots. If the entire episode can be solved with just one simple action he won't do (close the window) or one line of dialogue that the script refuses to allow him to say ("Because she's asleep"), go back to the drawing board and start over.

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Totally an anti-terrorist episode. Bunch of violent degenerates tearing your place up because you don't do things exactly like them? Don't appease them by making your place like theirs, make them understand, "My place, my rules."

Because ponies and ISIS go together like bread and butter.

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Truly remarkable how needlessly, disgustingly petty some people can be. "What's this? A tragedy in which nearly a dozen people were killed? Better exploit it to attack people who like a TV show that I don't!"