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The purpose of these chemicals are to limit peoples ability for own control over their mind, while allowing external control. It is to dumb down the population and make them easier to manipulate, and to stop people from becoming in power of their "third eye" and mind. They know that some people have discovered how to use the pineal gland and third eye against its design and thus try to prevent people from doing so.

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Thanks for the comment.

However, if it was as you state, then why is this third eye not already open by default? Why does it need to be discovered and opened? Is it not as if it has been hidden on purpose, so we should NOT be using it? And I will answer my own questions, by saying yes, it is supposed to be "closed", and hidden, not in our reach - so that we can be easily manipulated and controlled by those who designed it into our physical bodies - bodies which themselves are our cages here to keep us trapped and enslaved, and strayed away from our true selves.

The Third Eye is a back-door, a tool left in our system by those who designed us, so they can manipulate and control us, in the same way a computer can be controlled and influenced by outside forces if it has a trojan. The good thing is that we can take the control back, just again as with a computer system, when we discover and get to know about this trojan and how it works, and how to use it to "backfire" against those who installed it into us in the first place. It relates to the same reason why Hypnosis exists - why we are so easily manipulated, and so open for suggestions: Because we are supposed to be easy to control and manipulate. Hypnosis is a similar too, for Mind Control, that is implemented into our minds, but as with the Third Eye, once we get aware of it, we can use it for positive and benevolent purposes, such as within Hypnotherapy. But it wasnt implemented into us for therapeutical reasons, far from.


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It does happen.

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Most people understand what I am trying to say. I am not writing very complicated or complex. In fact, during the last 10 years I have been working with this, you are the first to focus on some grammatical errors.

All the best

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English is my fifth language. So, my apologies for any grammatical errors.

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Yes, the entity called "God" in the Bible, specially the Last Testament, is an evil being.

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Who ever said anything would happen that you would notice? Personally I speculate that the purpose of the Ritual was to alter the path of the Comet's orbit so it would not get too close to Earth and create disaster. It could also have been other purposes, such as charging the Comet with a specific energy for other reasons. Hard to know, since only those who were part of the Ritual would know what it was constructed for - but all the evidence clearly shows that it was aimed at Comet Elenin beyond any reasonable doubt.

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As I wrote in the article above:

"Scientific research have even proven how conscious and alert plants really are, and in fact shown them to be highly empathic, telepathic, and intelligent. This has been verified by in fact rather highly profiled scientists, some studies in this field done by Cleve Backster, working along with scientist-Astronauts such as Dr. Brian O'Leary and Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

Cleve Backster was Director of the Keeler Polygraph Institute and worked for the CIA on interrogation tactics. In 1966 he attached a plant to a polygraph. The polygraph recording pen moved rapidly to the top of the chart when Cleve’s thought and intention was "to burn the leaf." As a result of this intriguing response, Cleve became obsessed with a desire to understand the cellular communication process which he called primary perception. He found out that plants are highly sensitive and psyhcic, conscious beings. Plants would be highly stressed and show signs of anxiousness and fear when any form of negative action were either directly done to them, or even when just THOUGHT of being done to them. Likewise, positive actions made the plants respond with what one could only call joy, happyness, comfort, security and relaxed emotions. Other plants in the area would also react, when something was intended to be done or actually done on any other plant nearby, showing their telepathic contact with eachother."

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Yes I am scottish rite, and times are changing , we the real masons are working behind the scenes to come up with something for the public to shed light on things.