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I want an all unicorn episode. Twilight, Rarity, Sunset , Trixie and Starlight all just like bopping around Canterlot or something.

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A talented artist that is definitely missed. She did a lot for a long time, too bad things happened when they did. She'd probably have done really well on like Patreon if it'd happened a few months later. :(

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Yep, waiting for Fallout 4 to unpack. Woke up early to hopefully play a little before I had to go. Love the Fallout Equestia headers. Woop! FOE taking over EQD!

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The Sweetie Chronicles! Why pick only one piece of fan fiction after all?

Sweetie Belle lost to a pseudo-Quantum Leap situation. Jumping from story to story! Lots of fun.

Yeah, Fallout Equestia would be pretty radical too. >.>

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No, Applejack in the background.

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There is something about that ice cream print that is unsettling to me. o.o

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While the quality of the EQG movies has increased considerably from the starting point, they feel a lot more "for little girls" then the main ponies series does. I find that odd.

Story about cartoon horses? Feels accessible to everyone.
High School drama/adventure stories? Feels more for little girls.

I suppose that shows the strength of Lauren's bible more then anything and the quality of the main show.

The EQG movies however are a lot better then most children films, especially the direct to video types, or almost any animated feature not made by Pixar. >.>

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One colour pin head for each colour of star fleet uniform at that. More Beverly "Sassy" Crusher thoughts!

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I still can't get over how much Sassy Saddles looks like a Gates McFadden pony. She doesn't /act/ like Beverly Crusher but damn she sure /looks/ like what she'd be in pony form.

You've got the blue uniform colour for the body, and the little rank insignia pins on her gladiator armor. The eye color is the only thing that's wrong that would make it perfect.

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If John de Lancie wasn't enough for Star Trek alumni, now there is a Gates McFadden pony on the show!