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Must have done something really bad. This will certainly be a setback for the Buffs - but it totally messes with a young man's future - so there must be some fairly serious stuff we don't know about. Glad CU makes morals and ethics top priorities.

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Sorry VK. Meant to give a thumbs up, but my fat finger hit a down. My bad.

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Daily Camera

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The DC says this class won't wow anybody - but I for one am impressed! I like it. As many a 5, 6 kids at or near 4 stars. Good size. Lots of potential. And so far, this staff has had an eye for untapped potential. Nice job Mike Mac. Go Buffs.

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Contact the vendor for AT&T Park. Over priced but some dang fine selections.

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Probably true. But I do like Gherke getting more playing time. This is a wake up call concerning depth at QB. Hopefully Sefo’s injury is not serious - and with a bye week, he is ready to go. But let’s say it’s next year. Let’s say the Buffs are now winning games and are on the path to a bowl – and Sefo goes down with a serious injury. You’d have no back-up with any real experience. So, it’s great to address that now. There’s really no down side. CU’s season is over – so might as well build depth for the future.

Plus – the coaching staff has to do it. They have a high standard for ball carriers to protect the ball. Running backs, receivers, returners all have to protect the ball. If they don’t – they are benched for a while. You can’t hold them to one standard – and have another for Sefo. Not after as many turnovers that can be connected in some way to him.

So I like the plan. Let Sefo heal. Be consistent with expectations and ramifications. And develop depth at QB. Besides, nobody said Sefo is no longer the starter or not the QB of the future. They simply said Gherke gets to play more, in the final two games of an otherwise meaningless end to the season.

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I noticed that as well. But then I thought - heck - if your first potential start is against #3 Oregon - at their place - with national playoff implications for them on the line - a little "tude" might not be a bad thing.

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There is an injury element to this - but I think coaches are looking to next year. Won't have a bowl game or extra practices - so now is the best time. Sefo has moved the offense. He been able to rebound after mistakes - doesn't seem to panic or give up. But the INTs have been killers. Interesting to see how Gehrke leads and if he can move the team. I think he has a rocket for an arm. Actually might need to ease off a bit. If he had a little touch, might have tossed a TD strike last week. Plus - he can run. If nothing else, he gets a fair shot and at least valuable experience as Sefo heals.

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Agreed. Embree and crew did their job. They righted the ship and got it headed in the right direction. But like a reliever in a tight game - you have to hand the ball over to the next guy to finish the inning/ game. Embree took it so far - but CU needed a Mac2 to move to the next level.

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Not enough gets said about the recruiting under Embo. Not the greatest blu chippers, but considering what he had to sell, he did alright. Many of today's stars for CU are guys he brought in.