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How nice of you to post these photos without their watermark. All except one of these photos are from where there are literally thousands of very high quality photos and videos of Petra.

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Your meds are pretty strong. Stay off the highway.

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this type of thing cannot be allowed to happen here in the United States - no way, no how.

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>I wonder how someone so seemingly stupid has accumulated such a fortune

Also see "George Soros" - different aswhole, same club.

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Again? And who the F are you? I am a conservative (As all of my past posts scream). That doesn't mean I'm devoid of brains. Appealing to average voter is how you win elections. Not by giving your opponent (Obama) more fodder to use against you.

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I would just like to say that these polls are completely meaningless until we have a GOP canididate that has debated Obama. The average schmuck doesn't follow politics and doesn't know any of the GOP canididates well. The average schmuck bases their opinion on sound bytes they hear from the mainstream press and we all know how fair they are. Until a GOP candidate dismantles Obama at a debate, the polls will likely be close. After the debate, Obama will free fall. The election will be nothing short of the landslide that saw Carter off into the Reagan years.

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That's a good way to appeal to the average voter. Tell them that your friends own NASCAR teams. Good one.

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>Aren't most fire departments volunteer?

Not in the big cities. And that's exactly where the unions and the democrats tend to fester.

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"Unions built America"

Really? How so? That's funny. What dreamland do you live in? The unions are in no small way responsible for the decline of the United States as an exporting, manufacturing nation. It is the corrupt unions that killed the US auto industry (and those overpaid bums were building such great quality cars), the US steel industry (ha, Joe_Steel, go figure), the US clothing and textile industry, etc. And they are now shafting and bankrupting the US taxpayers via the public sector unions. So what exactly have they built except the big bank accounts of the union bosses, the democratic election machine (based on giving sweetheart deals to public sector unions in exchange for votes and donations) and absurd retirement benefits for themselves?

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and Cenk is an disturbed parasite.

(a common condition among advanced progressives)

Breitbart was shouting down dirty #occupy protesters. What's your excuse, Cenk?

Oh yeah, and nice editing. Out of context much?