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Even better, here is an 30min. NPR interview with the Financial Times journalist Michela Wrong, about her book " I Didn't Do It For You: How the World Betrayed a Small African Nation" about the relationship of Eritrea / Ethiopia/ United States/UK etc.

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I suggest you visit Eritrea. Eritrea's main issue is with mass conversion, be it the type that funds mosques or the aggressive type of evangelism that is perceived will disrupt the harmony of the country that existed for centuries.
Half of the population that is made up of Orthodox, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists etc have no problem.

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Misinterpreting what I say is not going to fly.
How is alienating Eritrea helped the whole strategy ?
Did they need to take sides was my argument.
I also did not say how bad the US is, but it is a fact that terrible decisions have been taken that is needlessly exacerbating the situations and the fight in tangent.
Aren't you hilarious. Do you know Ethiopia a and Eritrea got their Christian faith way before anyone in the 4th century, and survived all sort of onslaught and survived. Knowing about the subject and areas that you talk about some times helps.

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Wow, I did not know I was conversing with bunch of deaf crusading armchair generals that do not want to deal with reality. Like it or not, what I stated is a fact. Eritrea had a long good relations US and was a base for NSA for nearly 40 years.
If you just like whining and clapping at each others comments with out facts that is your problem.

What I am trying to convey to you is, wrong decision have been made, and there was no need to take sides, they could have kept both countries friendly as in the 90's, and both countries were acting as frontline countries.

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Eritrea is under a highly secular Christian ruler, and the population as mentioned above is nearly 50:50. If any one is to blame for this mess is, it is the State department of the previous administration.
Eritrea was in the vanguard of frustrating the Islamic Jihad when OBL hiding in Sudan in the mid 90's (way before 9/11) when OBL was trying to push his agenda in the horn of Africa.

They were a staunch US ally, until some halfwits in SD decide to take Ethiopian side in the border dispute and tried unsuccessfully to reverse international border commission ruling that favored Eritrea.
This has really pissed the Eritreans, specially when they found American tax payers money was used to buy arms from all places from N. Korea while breaking US/UN sanctions.

There is so many wrong decisions that needlessly was done to piss them off, one of the being the border issue that is still keeping them in constant military mobilization, when by right they have fairly won the decision after intensive arbitration under the international law.

This messy situation can only be solved by persuading Ethiopia to adher to the international law,and bringing Eritrea from the cold. It is silly and blatant wrong decision to take in the first place.