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Did anyone notice how Obama made the Government seem like the "knight in shining armor" that was going to rescue us from the big bad insurance companies? And, if you did notice it, did you laugh as hard as I did?

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Unbelievable! We've warned everyone that this would happen and now it's about to. Government-run health care. Look, I understand that our system is not perfect, but it is the best one that is out there. I mean, what do these people think is going to happen when there are 50 million more people filling emergency rooms and doctors offices with no new doctors. What's going to happen will be rationing of health care! It would be a physical impossibility for every doctor to give their patients the TLC they deserve because their are so many people to take care of, so, they're going to have to make certain decisions on who to care for and how much to care for them.

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Basically, what do all of the liberals think is going to happen once this health care reform passes (heaven forbid) and an 80 year old man has a heart attack and is within minutes of death. He will be turned away to die because he would be over the life expectancy and therefore "not worth the money". NOT WORTH THE MONEY!! Yes, most people will have health care, but it is also the case that more people will die. It's just common sense that rationing will have to take place.

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Also, if you are under the assumption that you will have a "choice" to keep your private health care (which 80 percent of insured Americans are happy with) or take the Government-run health care, you are mistaken big time. You won't have a choice. The Government run health care will be much cheaper than private health care and can continue to go lower (something private insurers don't have the luxury to do) which, in turn, will run private insurers out of business. Then, what will keep the Government-Run Health Care from increasing it's prices? Nothing. I believe it will do the same thing any Monopolistic business does, it will raise it's prices because it doesn't have any competitiors.

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Now, you may be thinking, "Well, a private insurer would come along and open up a business to compete with the Government, right?" Well, no because if you try to compete with the Government, they will just run you out of business just like a bully. The government doesn't care about the American people, they care about control, that's it! If they really cared about us, then they would leave us alone and let us fix the problems of this country! But, since they care about control rather than our well being that will never happen and then we'll get an even bigger check to pay for courtesy of our "friends" in Washington.

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gametchik67, it's a messed up world we live in. I never thought that we would ever have to debate whether our President has our best interest at heart. But, I guess being in bed with other world leaders, bashing his own country, appearing on Jay Leno, finding a dog, and filling out a damn NCAA Tournament Bracket is more important than fixing America's problems and taking up for his constituents (a.k.a- bosses). That's what we get for people electing a rock star instead of a President.

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What has the world come to when our senators and representatives won't listen to us and our own President bashes us overseas by calling us 'arrogant". I don't know about you, but I am not even going to call these people 'leaders' anymore because, quite frankly, they aint doin' much leadin'. Obama goes overseas and, instead of standing up for the American people (you know, the ones that he supposedly represents) he bashes us and says that we are arrogant. Our own senators and representatives (with a handful of exceptions) won't even listen to us and keep spending us more into debt. IS NO ONE STANDING UP FOR US?! Well, ladies and gentleman, this is the time to stand up and lead ourselves. We really have no leader in Washington and that is why we need to fight until things change. I truly believe America is at it's best when we are underdogs, when no one believes in us and when our own 'leaders' try to appease others while bashing the very people they represent.

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So, yesterday we had all of those wonderful tea parties which gets me and hundred's of thousands of other American's pretty excited because we all feel we are actually going to make a difference. But, my big question now is, are we going to, as Ted Nugent said , "keep raising hell all year long", or are we going to let this thing peter out? I know that everyone says that we will keep this fight going, but I can't help but get worried that some of us are going to let this thing slip right through the cracks. We need to keep this ticked off attitude going until things finally start changing in Washington D.C. We need to keep reminding them every second of every minute of every hour of every day that WE THE PEOPLE will not stand for this crap anymore!! That WE are their bosses and that WE WILL fire them if they don't get their stuff together. I know that everyone that is on this website will keep up the fight, but keep others informed of this, tell your friends, your family, anyone you can to keep this thing going until a REAL change happens!!