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To get the "embed video" to work you need the full url (not the "share" one on YouTube) ie (it also won't parse https:// urls so take off the 's' if necessary).

As it happens I'd already tracked that one down and embedded it in the reply above yours.

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Great minds and all that, I made a T'Pau post immediately below this one.

Their big hit in the UK was "China in Your Hand" but I've added the "Heart and Soul" video in a reply to my own post.

I think a "China in Your Hand" fan vid would be amazing as the song is so magnificently overwrought.

The student union of the university I was at booked T'Pau in about 1990 and lost a small fortune when hardly anyone turned up.

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Actually the wiki article claims they had more than one hit, but I don't remember any others. Also it seems they were one-hit wonders in the US with a different song. So, for nostalgia purposes for usians:

[youtube xGmLfS0un5Y youtube]

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I have been reading and enjoying these, but haven't got around to commenting,yet.

However, I'll just leave this here for your entertainment:

[youtube PSh6SQd8UrI youtube]

(80s one-hit wonders: )

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Pop culture references abound as always, but the Odyssey and Oracle fish farm leaped out to me in its cleverness:

[youtube D5mnMQlXZ6c youtube]

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Well, that was a pleasant surprise. I was aware of the show because Javier Grillo-Marxuach is a big Doctor Who fan, but didn't know anything about it beyond its title. It took me a little while to get used to the tone, but given that the 60s Adam West version of Batman is easily my favourite, this is right up my street. I'm definitely in for the rest of the season.

As nobody else has mentioned it, here's the title sequence to The Avengers (no, not that one, the other one - and the reason why the movie was called Marvel Avengers Assemble in the UK) that they spoof in this:

[youtube GeK3Lkd_XL4 youtube]

Possibly with some reference to the titles from the previous season ( ) as well as scenes from the show itself.

I suspect an extended sequence based on a British TV show (albeit one with some profile in the US) made before many of the parents of your target audience were born may be on the way to getting your show cancelled after one season. But that only makes me applaud it more.

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I think it means you're not a witch.

Although as far as I remember, the expert scholarly opinion is that what's important is if you way more or less than a duck.

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I just started watching the X-Files properly (ie not in dribs and drabs) and Mulder + Scully > Dean + Sam by an embarrassing amount.

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I'm becoming aware that I'm re-watching these, even though I don't remember them too well, and that sort of knowing what's going to happen isn't, thus far, helping. I think I liked the first three episodes more the first time around, when I was completely unfamiliar with them.

In particular I'm paying more attention to the way the stories are set up - and that's not helping. There's a pretty big tension between the story of the week and the ongoing story at the moment and it feels like they're fobbing us off with brief mentions of the ongoing stuff. So, last episode we have a dream sequence to show that Sam feels guilty about Jessica which plays into that week's plot a bit, but now seems forgotten. And this time they seem to have given up looking for their dad, much less trying to work out what killed Jessica and their mum. Their dad has been looking for this thing for 22 years and they've been helping for some of that, certainly enough to have plenty of ideas about what to with the monster of the week, but they seem pretty clueless about what to do to investigate Jessica's death - and, worse still, pretty accepting of the situation. I hope the storylines become better integrated as the season progresses.

Still good to see some proper character based storytelling for Dean, even though Sam doesn't really get anything this time around. I'm hoping that my involvement with the characters will grow and that will make me more tolerant of the plotting. The more you think about this episode the less it makes sense - and I can't help thinking that things happen because that's what suits the plot, with little attention paid to anything else.

And Amy Acker (!) does her best with very little, but it seems a bit of a waste when we get to see so little of her story (as I said, just enough for the plot and no more). Her dad gets a bit more, but it's very melodramatic and so less affecting than it could be. I suspect that's a general problem in both horror and murder mysteries - it's terrible things as entertainment, so the emotional impact of the terrible things can't be fully explored lest the whole thing collapses. Well, actually I think it can, but it's harder to write when you still need people to be active and keep the plot developing.

Oh and I said in an earlier comment that death is not necessarily a punishment, I can't help getting the impression that it is if the only personality trait a woman is given is her brother teasing her for not being feminine enough.

Very much mixed feelings at this stage, but we'll see.

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Not much to add to everything that everyone else has said, but I'm catching up, comments wise and I'll do episode three soon, so I can join the party properly.

Also I'm going to watch the X-Files from the beginning, having only seen bits and pieces when it first aired. It'll be interesting to see the two shows in parallel.

Carrying over from what I said about plot vs story in my last comment, I feel that's the case here - lots of incident, not much to care about. I suppose it's an extra risk with horror where part of the job of the plot is to produce sensation - so you can end up with a lot of set pieces. The cultural appropriation thing fits here as well - they're not especially interested in Native American cultures, they just want a monster. Admittedly there's a bit of a story about how the monster came to be, but it's a general one, we know nothing about the specifics of this case. And given that the Wendigo started as a human being that seems like a missed opportunity for some storytelling.

Still willing to give it a chance, but so far the series isn't doing much for me beyond providing some basic entertainment.