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I love the way the Italian designers in the 60's used steelies and small hub caps. By de-emphasizing the wheels the eye is drawn to the car body as sculpture. Modern concept cars have proprietary cast wheels (big, big wheels) that tend to overwhelm the car. Kinda of like putting a pair of Nike Hyperdunks on Michelangelo's David.

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Here's some more I just thought of:
Mini Mark II

Austin Healey Sprite Mark II

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The Ford Cortina Mark II

The Chaparral 2 Series

Elva Mark II through VIII (I think)

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Revolvers are reliable, sturdy, and rarely malfunction - much like a manual transmission.

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I always thought this little Demon would have made a great Miata fighter.

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I want those guns!

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I'm looking at my copy of Grand Prix by Louis T. Stanley, written in 1960 as a retrospective of the 1959 Formula One season. The starting grid for the Grand Prix of Holland is: Moss, Brabham, Bonnier, Graham Hill, Behra, Brooks, Gregory (stop me when I come to a "gentleman driver", Schell, Shelby, Ireland, Salvadori, Phil Hill, Trintignant, Allison DeBeaufort (he was a Dutch nobleman and a fierce competitor driving non-factory iron, but no pussy). During the same season Maria Teresa De Filippis entered but did not qualify in many F1 races. There was no "branding" of drivers back then but if there were she would have made a fortune - she was strong, tough and had a fashion model's face and an olympian's physique. Plus she wasn't a whiner. But you're right - it takes brains and courage to be a racing driver in any time period.

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I had the honor to see Sir Stirling race at LeMans, 1961, when I was a wee lad. He shared a Ferrari 250 GT SWB in Rob Walker's racing colors. I still have the slides of the start of the race and of the first few laps. Even though the Moss/Hill Ferrari was nowhere near the front of the cars lined up on the pit side of the track he was one of the first under the Dunlop bridge in front of many of the prototype cars. He was in superb physical shape - he would actually practice the LeMans type start over and over again so that he could have an edge, much like Gary Player would practice bunker shots until his hands bled. Moss and Hill led the GT class until a cooling problem - some say a broken cooling fan - put them out during the night. Moss could and did drive anything and well. Would he be competitive with today's technology? I think so - he was very good at adapting to different vehicles - sedans to F1. At any rate, he will always be one of the all time greats from any decade. The question to ask isn't if modern racers used to all the safety features of cars and tracks could drive the old beasts on old tracks but would they?

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I also found these:
$15,900 for a fake Ferrari GTO

$5,750 for a FiberFab
<a href="" target="_blank">

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Make offer on the Ford roadster hot rod with fiberglass body.

The dune buggy owner is asking $5k.

The Lotus is only $1,500, but as is it would be great yard art.