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And Josh IS a great teacher! He certainly deserves the accolades.

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There's probably a good reason--Better to resign after three weeks than to do an ineffective job for the next 2 years.

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SPD officers have a tough job--being a police officer in Sunnyside (or any Lower Valley town) in the 21st Century isn't like "The Andy Griffith Show." They have to be prepared for any eventuality.

Good for SPD for keeping our Public Safety officers trained in ALL aspects of their jobs.

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Mabton Schools are fortunate indeed to have such a fine teacher as Ms. Krieg on board!

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The Tech Director left because he was fed up w/ Admin--that was not a budget cut.

The District hired a Human Resources Director a few years back--in a year when the District only cut positions. Not so long ago, HR was handled by a part-time secretary, at greatly less cost. Why does such a small district need such a specialized Admin position?

And what about cutting AWAY from the classroom--like reducing Admin compensation to find the $35 K the District feels it needs to cut. This is seems like a pretty fair way to spare students the worst impacts. Keep in mind, Mabton has run an ending fund balance of over $2 million for years now.

And the Mabton Community is not languishing to any extent greater than before.

Perhaps the reason for the "exodus" from the District is less about budget woes and more to do with a shoddily-managed district?

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Drought-tolerant native plants & wildflowers that wouldn't require mowing or maintenance & would make the west entrance to town look interesting. They'd keep the soil in place & crowd out the noxious weeds for a minimal expense.

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Glad to hear that the City Council is taking steps to work together for the common good. Perhaps folks in Olympia & that other Washington could resolve to work out their differences and work together.

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I agree with Amber. The CIty Council expected to re-sell the Monson property shortly after putting in sewer and water lines. Since that has not yet happened, it's up to the City to pay with revenue raised from taxpayers.

Had the property sold 8 years ago at a profit, no one would now be upset with the risk taken by the City Council. Now that taxpayers have to pay, some are angry with the City's decision. Unfortunately, the complaints are nine years too late.

You know what they say about hindsight.

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Quit attacking hardworking public school employees who DO work hard for our students, our communities, and our profession. When's the last time you helped out in a public school?

Maybe you'd learn something.

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Every one of the doctors, engineers, & computer scientists had teachers. Asking for a fair wage is not an "entitlement mentality"-- it used to be called "a fair day's work for a fair day's wage."