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Amazing. Thank you.

confession - I read this once through waiting for the sign that it was actually a joke and then was like HOLY SHIT and read it through for real crying.

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Look I am 34 years old and I barely experimented with these trends the first time around but I will always love glitter and I will always be searching for coloured mascara that actually shows on my dark lashes.

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The Carrie Brownstein one though.
"If Carrie Brownstein were your girlfriend, she’d let you rant about bi invisibility as much as you wanted and never ever point out that you’re saying the same thing over and over and anyway, she already agrees with you. “I know, babe,” she’d say. “That’s such a good point.”"

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Ok I'm glad I'm not the only one who took a little pause at that. I do think there are many instances where you have to choose hurting someone else over hurting yourself and that is a part of being a grownup.

Also, I think that at this point the LW is the real cat-owner. And, I do have to wonder if former room-mate even does want the cat back, or if this is part of her trying to regain some control in her life now that it is calming down a little. Like, couldn't she just get another cat, maybe even one that does like being tossed around (I am assuming non-abusive tossing here, just rough play that some cats do actually like).

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This is meant to guide us through the world without The Toast. I get it.

Am I going to print out a nice copy to hang next to the original Desiderata? yes.

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Thank you Mallory and Nicole and Nicole and Marco and Roxane and everyone who contributed to this beautiful space (and I'm sorry if there are more specific names I should have named). I know I don't comment here a lot but I have read The Toast since its beginning days, I am constantly sharing articles with the people in my life, and I know these are the best commenters out there. I have been introduced to so many great, smart, funny writers, important concepts, talented artists.

I read the post at a work thing and I was doing a show that night so I literally went into denial and am only now emotionally processing and crying and it should feel like over-reacting but this really is a magic place. I am so grateful for all the work that you all have put in and I look forward to seeing whatever you do next. Thank you.

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This was very charming and I would love to have that kind of relationship. I am attracted to men, Brits, quirky senses of humour, fun people, nice people and dog lovers.

So WHY don't I GET the Tom Hiddleston thing?!?! Why does he do nothing for me? Is it because I haven't seen his movies? What movie should I start with?

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Was just going to post the same thing!

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The zimmerman story makes me sick it is another hate crime I can't even click through to read it.

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I just came back to read this. Still feel the same amount of -wanting-