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There's a real estate agent here in Maryland actually named 'Gay Horny.' She's really really old, though, and seemingly completely unaware of the double meaning. It's...awkward.

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True story: A few years ago, Canada did some kind of drama series or miniseries about its government. It included the characters discussing management of various natural resources, like timber & oil etc. A big part of the response to the series, as I remember it, was people basically going "ssshhh, we don't mention that. The Americans might hear you!"

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Well, considering the Koch brothers are like less-likable versions of Sam the Eagle, I guess the new picture *does* remind him of who he represents.

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I'd think it was possible, except that that's way too strategically competent for the Democrats.

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Not strictly related, but I couldn't miss a chance to post one of my favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 quotes: "Every frame of this film looks like someone's last known photograph."

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It's a good thing the US's infrastructure is all so much better designed than the Death Star, so it can't be destroyed by a few well-placed shots.

...oh, crap.

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I think it's even worse than the snake oil salesman not being fired - I have a few friends who used to be mortgage brokers that actually got pushed out of their jobs for not approving enough obviously-shady loans. Wouldn't be surprised if this was more common that we'd think.

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No sober man would go on TV with hair like that, even if it is just C-SPAN. And actually, no man whose wife doesn't hate him would, either - expect that'll be the next scandal for poor oh-so-mistreated Andy.

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My first thought was, "ugh, Barry, you released this way too early in the election cycle." Then I realized that I'd read/listened to so much pseudo-savvy shallow electioneering tactical bullshit that it was starting to *eat my brain,* and only narrowly restrained myself from jumping out of a window.

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As a non-fed who nonetheless works in DC, I'm wondering if Metro will still run. Hm. I could Google it, I guess, but does anyone here happen to know already?