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Cheers to another successful AJ Day guys, and all those still to come. AJ herself would be proud everypony. *holds up cider glass* /)

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Who could forget little ol' Dashie? :3

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I saw this this morning after the finale! What an awesomely appropriate time too! I love how it's also a voice actress joke since Ashleigh Ball voices both Applejack and Blythe.

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I read that in Groot's voice. XD

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We now need a spin-off of Kevin and his many adventures in his life as a changeling.
And since Hasbro probably won't give us that...
Internet, go.

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I initially thought of Kevin the Sea Cucumber.

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No wait! I'll do anything for you.

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I wouldn't say that's the writers fault honestly. The Equestria Girls films take about a year to make, considering they are made-for-TV specials that last about two hours with commercials. That is the same case when any other TV series, cartoon or live-action, develops and releases a TV special of their own. They don't take a whole year to release a new Equestria Girls because they have a hard time coming up with ideas, they take a whole year because that's how long it takes in the animation industry to create a special of that length, depth, etc. The animation involved, storyboarding, writing, consistency checks, music making, voice acting, etc etc. Making this show and the films aren't easy and quick. There's a lot more to it than how I'm explaining it.

Regardless of such, their main focus is the mane series, and it has always been that way. Sunset has been mainly relegated to the films and not the mane series. At this point in time, she has no real reason to go back to Equestria or generally be in the episode/movie spotlight unless a plot in either the EQGs series or the mane series calls for her to be involved. She's an important character to the spin-offs, yes, but Twilight and her friends (as well the supporting cast) are the focus to the mane episodes. And there's certainly more to the human world that can be explored as well beyond Sunset alone.

In my personal opinion, the writers have been doing just fine with her character. Just because they take long to release films doesn't mean they've been doing terribly with her. They have other important goals to work on in the franchise as well in-between. (This is why you usually see more lore and backstory implemented in IDW's comics; because they have the time to expand upon it and can arguably create/release a comic book out to their audience faster than it takes DHX to create/release an episode of the show, respectively speaking. Whether or not that means the writing ends up great is a completely different topic, but that's not the point.)

I'm certain in future Equestria Girls entries they'll continue to explore more into Sunset's character as they have been for the past 3 films. And if that rumored Equestria Girls TV series actually becomes a thing, it'll be even better for them to get more of Sunset in there.

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Technically, Sunset is canon to the "mane series." She just doesn't appear in any of the episodes since her story doesn't affect the events of any of the seasons.
There's a difference between canonicity and being important to the plot. Equestria Girls is a spin-off yes, but that doesn't mean every element introduced in it is non-canon by virtue of existing within a spin-off. A story is only non-canon if official sources confirm it is indeed such, not if certain people in a fandom considers it that way.
Just wanted to clarify that since that seems to be a common misconception in the community. No offense intended whatsoever. Apologies if I also explained it in a weird way.

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Everyday, we're one step closer to a fully-explorable land of Equestria.
Hopefully in the far future, technology will evolve to such levels where we can virtualize ourselves into virtual Equestria ala Code Lyoko. And then the episodes write themselves.
On another note, awesome job as always to the creator and any affiliates.