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*makes grabby hands with tears in eyes*

I love Last of Us so much. I need this game now.

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I watched the whole series for the first time last year. Unpopular opinion alert but it is one of the few series I've watched way after it aired and I found myself a bit out of step with fandom watching it differently. By the end I couldn't stand Rory or any of her boyfriends (and out of the three I liked Dean the most which I believe is unpopular?). I also did not care for Luke at all after that mess with his daughter. In fact towards the end I was only watching for Loreli, Lane and Zack. I will still watch but I'm not sure if I can get too excited about it.

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Writing a bad boy is a fine line and and when it's done well I do like it because it tends to lead to an interesting character. Unfortunately it's not done well often. A good Bad Boy for me is someone who is possibly underprivileged, possibly had a hard life, has low self-esteem, prone to being surly/rude but will take his pain out on himself rather than others and is often his own worst enemy. A bad Bad Boy is more someone who is privileged, cruel, controlling, manipulative etc but writers somehow think they make that ok by making him cry once or have a bad childhood.

Bender from The Breakfast Club vs Christian Grey from FSOG

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This is me on my dad's birthday/father's day.

'To the best dad in the-'
'to the man who taught me-'
'after everything you gave to me-'

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Yes! The set was amazing. When they get on the swings, or when they're climbing various things... wow. Also I think we had the cutest possible Matilda.

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Can anyone tell me why people pay to see a film/play/musical if what they really want to do is talk to their friends and play on their phone?

In other news, just saw Matilda the Musical and it was awesome.

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Hmm. Despite liking Game of Thrones (mostly...) I'm not sure S6 was the best season for any of those actors. Maybe Kit Harington. When I think of my favourite bits of acting from any of them they don't come in this last season.

Sophie Turner being left out is puzzling.

I don't watch The Affair but Maura winning would be great, I love her.

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Spoilers for whole season:

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I could talk about the 5000-1 odds to win the title, or the first title in 132 year history, or a squad that cost a fraction of the other title chasers, or starting off the season as relegation candidates but all I really think of now is all the bad times I've watched Leicester through and how I would never have thought this could ever happen. I've watched them through various relegations (and almost worse than relegations, the seasons of just bobbing around in obscurity), administration, scandals, revolving doors of managers and players. My biggest ambition for the club was to see them win the FA Cup as I thought maybe there we could one year have a chance... this was never on my radar.

Eight years ago we were relegated to League 1 (which is the third tier). This was a huge deal for us because it was one of the few pieces of Leicester history that we were proud of - that we had never been outside of the top two divisions (when you don't tend to win a lot of things these statistics matter). Even though we came straight back up we still felt like we'd lost something, our mark in history a little smaller. Not anymore.

One thing I must say though is also the beautiful story of so many players who were rejected by other clubs. Every player in the team has a great story of being released from/rejected/passed over at another club or being considered past their best/too old/not good enough to compete. Vardy being a non-league player 4 seasons ago, Morgan being rejected by Notts County because of his weight, Schmeichel struggling to come out from his father's shadow, Albrighton being surplus to requirements at Villa, same with Simpson at QPR and Huth at Stoke, Drinkwater not good enough for Man Utd. Even Ranieri being sacked by Greece before taking the job here, once branded by Mourinho as a 'loser'. Andy King, released by Chelsea as a schoolboy, has now won League 1, the Championship and the Premier League with us.

Still not sinking in completely, and probably won't until Saturday, but went in to work today in Leicester and the feeling is amazing. Everyone buzzing and happy.

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Still can't quite believe it. Was all set for a tense game on Saturday and now I'm seeing a trophy presentation. Will post more later when I'm more with it.